Under task method, the depreciation expense is calculation on the communication of asset’s activity such as the number of units produced or the number of hours the asset is used throughout the period. In various other words, this method focuses top top the actual usage of the asset rather than the i of time. Other names supplied for activity technique of depreciation are variable fee approach and devices of calculation method.

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The complying with formula is offered for calculating depreciation expense under activity an approach of depreciation:


A D V E R T i S E M E N T

Example 1:

The American firm purchased a wheel loader for $150,000 on January 1, 2018. The information regarding usability and also life that the loader is given below:

Estimated salvage value: $10,000Estimated useful life: 10 yearsEstimated productive life in hours: 20,000 hoursThe wheel loader was used for 2,000 hrs during the year 2018.

Required: calculate depreciation expense for the year 2018 making use of activity method of depreciation.


Depreciation expenses = <($150,000 – $10,000)/20,000> × 2,000

= $14,000

The firm will document a depreciation prices of $14,000 for the year 2018. The wheel loader will certainly be totally depreciated after completing 15,000 hours of occupational – the is its productive life.

Example 2:

The Southern agency uses a shipment truck whose price is $50,000 and also the rescue vaue is zero. The truck has actually been driven 12,500 miles throughout the year 2018. The firm plans to retire the truck after it has been propelled 250,000 miles.

Required: calculate depreciation expense of the Southern company for the year 2018 result from the use of distribution truck.


Depreciation prices = ($50,000 /250,000) × 12,500

= $2,500

Activity method is excellent in corresponding expense through revenue in situations where organization efficiency the the legacy is decreased by the use. Examples of such assets encompass vehicles and machines. This method is perfect for companies that desire high depreciation throughout the years of high productivity and also low depreciation during the years of short productivity.

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Limitations of task method:

Activity method of depreciation suffers from the following limitations:

Its use is not ideal for assets who depreciation is a duty of time rather of activity.This method uses units of output or hours used which are usually an overwhelming to estimate.
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