Since the very first video Music Awards went under at new York’s Radio City Music hall in 1984, artists have treated the stage choose a blank slate. Part mount Broadway-level productions (Lady Gaga’s cinematic “Paparazzi” indigenous 2009), while rather literally mount the damn stage (Rage against The Machine’s Tim Commerford protesting Limp Bizkit’s victory in 2000). There room the artists who test the boundaries of transfer censorship (Madonna’s above “Like A Virgin” routine at the inaugural ceremony; Nirvana’s “Rape Me” in 1992), and also those who celebrate their careers v jaw-dropping retrospectives (still recovering from Beyoncé’s in 2014, to it is in honest).

It’s not unexplained for a significant — or notorious — VMA minute to stand the end as among the most crucial in one artist’s career, nor is it weird because that them come synch up through other huge milestones for the performers, like historic record sales, or, y"know, the bear of their very first child. By the metric, no other artist has had actually a connection to the love of the VMAs quite prefer Britney Spears.

Looking ago at she VMA performances and appearances, beginning with she debut in 1999, us noticed the each one signifies a turning point because that the popular music star. This is a closer look in ~ Britney’s VMA moments and also how they factor into she story, indigenous ...Baby One much more Time to her brewing Glory.

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With the exception of her an initial compilation, Greatest Hits: my Prerogative, Britney steered clear of the studio following the vigorously prolific operation of her an initial three records. After her 2002 breakup with Timberlake, Britney obtained married in January the 2004 to Jason Alexander, one old girlfriend from her native Louisiana. The marital relationship lasted much less than 60 hours, and also later the year, after a three-month engagement, Britney married dancer Kevin Federline.

Britney didn"t concerned the 2005 or 2006 VMAs, together she and Federline had actually their hands complete with their growing family: Their earliest son, Sean Preston, to be born top top September 14, 2005; Jayden James, his tiny brother, to be born top top September 12, 2006. (Brit and K-Fed did do an illustration via satellite in ~ the 2006 VMAs in Miami, though.)

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Britney didn"t carry out at the 2011 VMAs, however it was a significant year for her at the awards display all the same: Britney was called the recipient of the 2011 Michael Jackson video Vanguard award for she achievements, and Lady Gaga, in character together Jo Calderone, gift her through the venerable Moonman (and cracked her up in the process). 2011 also significant Britney"s return both to the charts and to the stage: She released Femme Fatale, a an ext club-minded, dance floor–inspired record, and also the video clip for among its singles, “Till The human being Ends,” nabbed her a 2011 VMA for best Pop Video, too.

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Once touring behind Femme Fatale concluded, Britney tried her hand at two new endeavors: Live TV and also Las Vegas. She joined the renowned British talent competition present The X Factor together a judge and also coach in 2012; she moved on after one season to emphasis on her next full-length film and Britney: piece of Me, her retrospective residency at world Hollywood ~ above the vegas Strip. Despite the album didn"t complement Britney"s ahead releases as much as chart performance and crucial acclaim were concerned, Britney: piece of Me drummed increase so much interest that her career-spanning live present — i m sorry was at first scheduled to run through 2015 — was extended through 2017 and also given a thoroughly makeover with a new setlist and also aesthetic.