Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson have been connected together in romance rumors for months after ~ the news the his divorce indigenous Angelina Jolie. Currently a brand-new report cases that Kate is pregnant, with Brad together the alleged baby daddy. But in the wake up of those pregnancy rumors, Hudson has been watched kissing a warm hunk. Was it Pitt?

Allegations the Kate was pregnant with Brad"s baby come from several of her friends, who claim she"s extending up a tiny baby bump, follow to Yahoo. And with the insurance claims of a secret hookup entailing Hudson and also Pitt ongoing, those pregnancy rumors have soared.

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Brad Pitt has actually been connected to Kate Hudson in romantic rumors for months.

Neither Kate no one Brad has confirmed the continuous rumors the a romance. Yet sources quote by Yahoo stated that Hudson is expecting Pitt"s baby. Adding to the pregnant rumors, the 37-year-old was watched wearing a loosened maxi frock that couldn"t hide her seemingly rounded tummy.

As for just how the alleged couple reportedly feel about the situation, among the insiders revealed the Hudson is staying "very coy" if "definitely hiding part happy news" around her life. Moreover, the source added that Kate hasn"t tried come hide she feelings around having a baby v Pitt."Kate has actually made no mystery of the truth that she"s desperate to have a baby through Brad."In addition to reportedly replacing her usual tummy-baring crop tops v maxi dresses, Hudson has included to the rumors the she"s pregnant v Pitt"s son by no much longer drinking booze, included the source.

Brad, 53, already has six youngsters with Angelina Jolie. Yet Pitt is defined as "delighted" v the pregnancy news, with the resource also noting Kate"s enthusiasm about the actor"s approach to parenting.


Kate Hudson apparently wants to have actually a baby v Brad Pitt.

"He"s kind, caring and also he loves kids," claimed the insider."Brad will be a an excellent father, as far as Kate"s concerned."However, in the wake up of those reports that Pitt is "delighted" around having a kid with Hudson, rumors space soaring that she has started a new romance.

Meet musician Danny Fujikawa, who was watched kissing Kate outside a smoothie ar in Los Angeles, follow to Hollywood Life.

Fujikawa, 30, was apparently "all over" Hudson. However he"s no the just one on she potential friend list. Kate also recently delighted in a PDA-filled Oscars night with Diplo, 38.

Has Danny replaced both Pitt and Diplo in Hudson"s life? Fujikawa is the co-founder that Lightwave Records, and additionally a guitarist, recognized for play in a band referred to as Chief. Adding to those rumors that he"s Brad"s and also Diplo"s replacements, Danny was viewed driving Kate house after a night in West Hollywood.

Despite month of rumors the Hudson is Brad"s girlfriend, the Daily Mail reported that Kate and also Fujikawa freshly went native long-time friends to dating.

Hudson and Danny were viewed locking lips throughout one date, enjoying a Saturday night together on an additional occasion, and also dining at celebrity hot spot Giorgio Baldi. Fujikawa is a native of Los Angeles that went to brand-new York University.

As for his position as co-founder of the independent record label, Lightwave Records, Danny has described his task as "Organizer the Energy, Musician, the Honesty."

But exactly how is Brad faring currently that he"s break-up from Angelina Jolie and also allegedly dumped through Hudson? Pitt has a dramatically different life this day than he did a year ago, pointed out E News.

Brad has been spending time working on a sculpture in ~ British artist thomas Houseago"s studio in Los Angeles, and also he reportedly periodically listens come sad songs, follow to the media outlet. However, Pitt likewise has gradually returned to the spotlight.

In a surprised appearance in ~ the golden Globes previously this year, the gibbs beamed together the group cheered his presentation of the ideal Motion Picture, Drama, challenger Moonlight. Pitt likewise was viewed mingling with Sting, chris Cornell, and Zach Galifianakis in ~ the ROCK4EB! fundraiser in Los Angeles and even hosted a personal party in a room at Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica.

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Although his within circle is small, the media outlet noted that Brad has maintained a "friendly" partnership with Jennifer Aniston, his ex-wife. The two reportedly are interacting as friends quite than as rekindled romantic partners.