Beyonce, Jay-Z & Blue Ivy Carter take it on North, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian in the ultimate battle of the popular music star families. Who'll win this pop princess face-off?


2. Blue Ivy and North both take an elaborate dress to the following level - but who does the best?

MAJOR points come Blue for co-ordinating she Halloween through mum Beyonce, but North is dressed as the world's cutest skunk. That's simply pretty amazing. Picture: Instagram


3. They may only be young, yet the girl have gained their do up skills DOWN...

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While North's contouring skills are an extremely impressive (Kim wouldn't let just ANYONE execute her do up, ~ all), Solange is plainly over the moon through her niece Blue Ivy's impressive eyeshadow application.


4. Once it comes to family time, these girls know specifically how to invest a Saturday!

Sure, their parents are few of the busiest civilization in the business, however they always have time to go on adventures through their lover kids. Picture: Instagram


5. North and also Blue space in such high demand that fans literally can't protect against sending them presents...

Blue Ivy's an extremely own personalised chair let's every the other kids know who's boss, and North's doll version of it s her pretty lot beats a constant old teddy bear any kind of day. Picture: Instagram

6. If North's sat FROW at Paris Fashion Week, Blue it s okay invites to every the major music awards!

It provides sense - Blue is basically musical royalty and North will absolutely have inherited her parents' love of fashion. Picture: Getty

7. Forget Primark, Blue and North just wear the best of clobber... And it help if it's personalised.

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North kindly to represent for her dad and also Blue shows off her unique style with an embellished animal leather jacket. Picture: Splash/

8. In ~ the end of the day, the girls space just kids at the finish of the job - and they need naps too!

Kanye and also North look absolutely ADORABLE at nap time, however Beyonce and Blue all snuggled up with each other is making our hearts hurt. So CUTE. Picture: Instagram

9. Between them, they've currently achieved much more in your careers than any run that the mill toddlers...

At 13 months phibìc made she modelling debut, while at this rate Blue looks like she'll be the following Rankin!

10. It's main - Blue and North execute THE finest birthday parties. Our invite must've obtained lost in the post

Blue plays the date of birth princess v her Queen Bey mum, if North had 'Kid-chella' aka her very own version of Coachella. INCREDIBLE. Picture: Instagram

11. And also at the end of the day, Blue and also North space the ultimate roadies for your parents...

Whether it's hanging backstage at the Mrs. Carter human being tour or sustaining Yeezus, both girls space the biggest VIPs in the building! Picture: Splash/

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