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Headquartered in Cincinnati and also founded in 1990, Blue Chip Venture company is the very first resident venture capital fund in Cincinnati. The for sure invests in a variety of sectors with a concentration top top healthcare, marketing and also media services, and software and also services. Blue Chip invests in early and also growth-stage companies with about 50 percent of their resources invested in companies situated in the Midwest. The firm will invest typically $1 come $4 million per company. Blue Chip has $800 million under management and also has invested in end 170 companies situated throughout the joined States. The firm"s strategy has actually been come invest in last financing rounds, which are usually plan to combine the balance paper to bridge the firm to a close to term liquidity event. Blue Chip V, which closed in might 2012, has seen the perfect of 15 investments and also several exit in a two-year period. These exits encompass two IPOs (LifeLock and Endocyte) and the sales that BioVex and Nexsan. The firm"s 2nd fund through this very same investment strategy, Blue Chip VI, closeup of the door in June 2013.
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VC = endeavor Capital PE = personal Equity A = Angel I = Incubator MB = merchant Bank VD = undertaking Debt FI = family Investment Office FOF = fund of Funds ED = Economic breakthrough Office TT = modern technology Transfer Office CVC = Corporate venture Capital SEC = second Purchaser HF = Hedge Fund/Mutual Fund

agency STAGE
Venture Capital
Seed Stage(includes "pre-seed," or concept stage)No Revenue
Early StageMinimalRevenue
Growth Stage(also called Mid-stage)$2M-$7M
Expansion Stage(also dubbed Late-stage)$7M and greater
Private Equity
Lower middle Market$10M-$249M
Middle Market$250M-$499M
Upper center Market$500M-$1B
Large Cap>$1B

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