"Big Brother" Season 19 evictee Matt Clines did not reacha resounding applause when he left the house on Thursday night. According to (http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-brother-19-matthew-clines-eviction-jury-interview-1034697) The HollywoodReporter , fans of the fight CBS fact TV competition noted how crude oil hewas for purposely breaking some residence rules simply so he could earn apenalty vote. Critics also claimed that he did no really beat the gameand just became a pawn week after week. During his interview with the publication, Clines said that beingchill was component of his arrangement to stay in the residence longer. "I didexactly what I want to do. Mine game plan was to not make any large movesand chill. There to be a lot of players this season ns felt overplayed thegame and also got themselves into a many trouble. Ns was one move away fromfinal seven and also if i did that ns would have actually made final six. For me the wasthe best gameplay," he explained. Adhering to his conversation through "Big Brother"(http://www.goldderby.com/article/2017/matt-clines-big-brother-19-exit-interview-raven-walton-cereal-news/) host Julie Chen on Thursday night,Clines agreed the he provided up his opportunity at bringing home $500,000 for agirl he simply met 70 plus days ago. He and Raven Walton was one of thethree showmances this season and also was the one the was torn apart last. Talking about his plans with Walton after ~ "Big Brother"Season 19 jury, Clines said, "We"re certainly going come hangout. We have actually pretty cool plans collection up and also we"ll check out what happens!Impossible come tell right now yet we"ll need to see after ~ theshow," the shared. Meanwhile, Clines additionally opened increase to(http://www.tvguide.com/news/big-brother-19-matt-clines-exit-interview/)TV Guide around Jason Dent"s shocking betrayal of trust. The latteroriginally stated that Clines and Walton were simply pawns therefore he couldbackdoor Kevin Schlehuber. But following last week"s power of Veto(POV) ceremony, Dent made decision to keep the nominations the same. "I wasn"t really mad... Ns was just upset at his decision.But as much as video game moves, he play it very well. I was upset around theway he tackled it... Yet we"re still friends. It"s a video game andwe"ll still be friends afterwards," that said.

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"Big Brother" Season 19 airs Sundays, Wednesdays andThursdays ~ above CBS.
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Sep 2, 2017
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