Beyond life Lit Pre exercise has end up being a damn successful pre workout indigenous relatively new supplement agency Beyond Raw. On the ago of Lit’s success, the agency has exit Lit AF. A product that assures to be a clinical toughness pre workout.

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Safe come say, we’ve to be itching to acquire our hands on it and also get down for a HIRT session. Our beyond Raw Lit AF evaluation will take a scalpel to the full blend, and benefits this brand-new iteration the the famous pre workout have the right to offer.

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Claimed Benefits

Improved performanceBetter muscle pumpsFaster recoveryEnhanced energy

Available Flavors

Currently, girlfriend can select from these beyond Raw Lit AF flavors:

Lemon IceSweet and TartGummy WormSour Gummy (best-seller)Icy Fireworks

Some users have actually complained the the odor is a little bit too sweet and tastes artificial. Then again, other human being didn’t mental the intense taste. That all depends on what your choices are.

Beyond raw Lit AF Ingredients

It looks favor LIT AF is a product with a good set of pump boosting ingredients in it. Featuring in the blend of past Raw’s recent pre practice is citrulline malate at 8g and also Nitrosigine in ~ 1.5g, as well as 400mg of the power ingredient top AT.


Lit AF’s formula weighs 19.70, yet with filler ingredients it goes as much as 24.26g. The Lit AF pre workout ingredients are component of a totally transparent list, just as to be the case with the initial Lit pre practice blend.

So through the intro the end of the way, let’s begin looking closer at the ingredient in beyond Raw Lit AF to watch what they deserve to offer.

L-Citrulline Malate

Citrulline is a staple ingredient in any pre workout. It help by maximizing nitric oxide production, which leads to boosted blood flow. (2) at 8g every serving, beyond Raw did a great job in ~ dosing this ingredient.

Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn)

This is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of ingredient. Beta Alanine is recognized to reason paresthesia, a harmless side effect, but a very annoying one! It renders you itch all over your body which deserve to be distracting when you’re make the efforts to emphasis on lifting weights. (3)

Betaine Anhydrous (BETAPOWER)

In terms of effects, Betaine Anhydrous is somewhere in between citrulline and beta-alanine. Back it’s not the strongest pre practice ingredient the end there, it’s definitely not a poor inclusion here.

Micronized Creatine (Creatine Monohydrate)

The an excellent old creatine! This is hands under the safest and best an option for a supplement of this kind. It’s generally researched, and besides enhancing muscle performance, it’s even an excellent for your cognition.

Arginine Silicate (Nitrosigine)

Arginine isn’t one of our favourite pre practice ingredients since it has negative absorption in the body. However, Lit AF provides an inositol-stabilized arginine silicate, which in theory should enhance bioavailability. We’ll need to see much more studies confirming this prior to we have the right to recommend it come our readers, though. (4)


Taurine is found in lots of commercial power drinks. Therefore it’s no surprised to check out it had in beyond Raw Lit AF formula.

PEAK ATP (Adenosine 5-Triphosphate Disodium)

ATP is make by your mitochondria, and also is supplied for producing energy in the body. However, while that can aid in the situations of overtraining, supplementing v ATP directly isn’t presented to be as reliable as acquisition ATP ‘precursors’, such together creatine. (1)

Caffeine Blend

This blend consists of two different types of caffeine: 250mg that caffeine anhydrous and also 50mg the ZumXR Caffeine. The idea to be to provide a combo of fast-releasing caffeine, and also slow-acting caffeine to assist prevent ‘energy crashes’. Yet with the full caffeine dose being 300mg, you’ll crash nevertheless. Any much more than 250mg is generally displayed to be an extremely aggressive and also often end up bring about unwanted next effects.

Alpha GPC

This is a kind of choline molecule. We’re an ext used to seeing this ingredient in nootropic supplements, because it’s much more geared in the direction of improving mind health. However, the dosage in Lit AF is as well low for that purpose, so it’s a disappointing inclusion in any case.

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Dosage (How come Take)

You need to mix one scoop in a glass of cold water and also consume beyond Raw Lit AF prior to your workout. On non cultivate days, you deserve to take one serving for an extra boost in focus and mental energy.

One container the Lit AF comes v 20 servings. For this reason if girlfriend lift 5 times per week, it will last you around four weeks.

Side Effects

The main worry with beyond Raw Lit AF is the huge caffeine dosage the 300mg. The fact that it’s offered as a drink just adds to the problem, because it’s harder come dose than capsules. Possible side effects include:

InsomniaNervousness and also anxietyMood swingsHigh blood pressureHeart palpitationsNauseaJitters

There’s additionally the opportunity of gaining itches all over your human body after taking beta-alanine. The said, some world aren’t bothered by it.

Is This the ideal Pre Workout?

We don’t rate past Raw Lit AF as among the height pre workouts ~ above the market right now.

It has actually some great ingredients yet we think that the caffeine dosage is as well high, Alpha GPC is underdosed, Beta-alanine causes itches, and the formula overall is missing a few core ingredients.

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Pros and Cons


You can’t go wrong through creatineCitrulline helps with muscle pumpsThe container watch lit (pun intended)


A large dose of caffeine – 300mg every servingBeta-alanine reasons paresthesiaMissing l-theanine come smoothen the side effects of caffeineThe flavor can be a little too sweet for some people

Conclusion on beyond Raw Lit AF Preview

This brings united state to the very end that our past Raw Lit AF preview. Top top the whole, it’s a supplement through some great ingredients, countless of i m sorry are vital in pre workouts.

But, that doesn’t quite score as among the really best pre workouts on the sector right now, as it includes a very aggressive dose of caffeine, and Beta-alanine which is recognized to cause annoying next effects.

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However, if the high caffeine dosage and also itchiness don’t sound too bad to you, climate we expect it could be a kind choice.