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Looking because that something come fit the theme of your spookiest game night? check out this synopsis of betrayal at house on the Hill rules to arrangement your evening. 

Explore a cursed residence with a small band of girlfriend – then, try to survive when one the those friends turns on friend in treason at house on the Hill. This game is bursting through B-movie fear flavor. And also it’s best delighted in with a team that buys all-in to the role-playing facets of the game.

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The rules and also mechanics are an easy once you acquire going, and a many what happens is left approximately the will of the dice. That renders this the perfect video game for a social evening obtain together.

In this article, ns going come walk you through the basics of how to set up and also play a round of treason at house on the Hill.

Let’s gain started!

Oh, and watch her step. Occasionally the floor has a method of falling the end under girlfriend in this old houses.

Betrayal at residence on the Hill Rules

1. What’s in the Box?


In package for Betrayal at home on the Hill, you must find:

1 Rulebook2 Haunt Books – the Traitor’s Tome and also the secrets of Survival. Set these aside, girlfriend won’t need them till the second fifty percent of the game.1 Entrance room Tile. This 3-tile lengthy hallway serves together the beginning tile for the map you’ll play on.44 Room Tiles. These will certainly be used to construct the residence dynamically together you play.6 Character Cards and Plastic Miniatures (Minis). The cards call you each character’s beginning skill levels. Every Mini coincides to a personality Card, with a matching color scheme. This minis represent your personality on the map throughout the game.3 Decks that Cards – 13 Omens, 22 Items, and 45 Events. This cards will certainly be drawn sometimes once you discover a brand-new room, and may aid or hinder you. If you attract an Omen you additionally risk triggering the Haunt.8 Dice. You’ll notice that the numbers room unusual, and some sides space blank. The blank sides are considered a roll of 0 on that die.30 clips. These are provided to monitor your ability scores on her Character Card.Assorted tokens. In any kind of given video game you won’t use most of this – many of them room only supplied in particular events or Haunt scenarios.

2. The straightforward Idea and Game Objective


Betrayal at house on the Hill lets you step right into the world of B-movie horror. There space two distinctive phases that the game.

First, you and also the other players will explore the house, placing under tiles and sometimes choose up cards from the three decks (Omens, Items, and Events).

In the second phase, the horror aspect of the game becomes an ext apparent as your intrepid heroes have to band with each other to survive one of fifty Haunt scenarios.

All of you, that is, other than one. It is right! This video game is just mostly co-operative.

One happy player will be named the traitor, receiving your own set of goals.

You don’t understand who this player will be until someone root cause the Haunt scenario.

This renders it hard to trust each various other too much in the early part of the game.

Any player might be the human being trying to kill you ~ the Haunt begins!

3. Setup Up to Play


The first step to gaining started is laying out your video game area.Divide up her 3 decks, making a heap for every – Omens, Items, and also Events.In the center, leaving many of room for the map come grow, ar your beginning tiles.There space 3 floors to the house on the Hill – an upper level, a ground level, and also a basement.For the ground level, the starting tile is the 3-tile lengthy hallway discussed earlier.You will likewise find an upper Landing and also a Basement Landing, which are the starting tiles for their respective floors.Place the continuing to be tiles face-down in a pile.You will attract from this heap throughout the video game as you discover the house.

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4. Accomplish the Explorers

Finally, select your characters.

There are six Character Cards, each with two explorers to choose from (the cards are two sided).

Find the mini that synchronizes with her Character map (the color should match) and place it on the Entrance room tile.

Notice that each character lists 4 primary abilities: Might, Speed, Knowledge, and also Sanity.

Your character’s beginning ability scores are highlighted on your Character Card.

The video game provides markers you can connect to the character Cards to monitor these scores together they change.

If you find the markers hard to use, and also you more than likely will, you can additionally track your capacity scores with record and pencil.

Do you have everything collection up and also ready to go?

Then the time to…

5. Get in the home on the Hill

Second Edition, consisting of The Hill: Window’s Walk

The character v the following birthday (it’s on the personality Card!) will go first, moving clockwise around the table from there.

On your turn, you have the right to move her character a number of Room Tiles equal to your Speed. You deserve to pass with doors – this are marked with yellow outlines on the Room Tiles.

When friend pass through an unexplored door, draw a Room Tile and also place it alongside the room girlfriend are relocating from.

A couple of important notes about drawing and placing this tiles:

You must attract a Room Tile proper for the floor you room on. The backs that the tiles tell girlfriend what floors they have the right to be offered on. If the height tile is not usable because that the floor you’re on, ar it aside come shuffle right into a brand-new draw heap if essential later.You must location the brick so the the door in the Room brick you are relocating from is emotional a door in your new Room Tile

There are a couple of special tiles, through rules published on them describing their distinctive effects.

Your rotate ends either when you operation out of moves or you uncover a room v a price on the tile.

The symbols correspond with among the three attract piles – the bull’s skull for Items, the spiral because that Events, or the raven for Omens.

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6. Illustration Cards

Drawing a room tile with a symbol way you will draw a map from the matching pile.

No issue what friend draw, read the card message out loud to the table.

Items might it is in one-time usage cards that give you part bonus or advantage the rotate you usage them. They could additionally be tools such together armor or weapons to enhance your fighting abilities. Keep your item cards in former of girlfriend to keep track that what you’ve found.

Events space cards the make something happen right away. This could require part rolls ~ above your part to stop a negative outcome. Once you carry out what the map says, girlfriend discard it unless it claims otherwise.

Omens might be a great or a bad thing for your character, however no issue what you attract it will bring you one action closer to the Haunt. Every time you attract an Omen card, at the end of the revolve you do a role to determine if the Haunt occurs. If the result of the roll is much less than the number of Haunt cards attracted throughout the game so far, the second phase will begin!

This is whereby it it s okay interesting.

7. Triggering the Haunt

It i will not ~ be Betrayal at house on the Hill if there wasn’t going come be, well, a betrayal.

Once the Haunt roll is failed, above the chart listed in the forbidden Traitor’s Tome. This will reveal the script you will certainly play, and also the identity of the traitor!

Check the Room tile you are in and also the Omen map you attracted to trigger the Haunt. Heat them up on the table for your scenario number. This scenario will tell you how to determine who the traitor is.

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If there is a tie, the human who prompted the Haunt is the traitor. If no of the players that tie room the one who motivated the Haunt, that goes come the player the next to your right.