Conveniently located 1/4 mile phibìc of I-94. Take I-694 north to 10th Street-exit 57.

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There"s just one Oakdale hotel to pick when you"re spring for modern convenience, outstanding quality, and easy accessibility to the best Minnesota has to offer.

Just minutes east of downtown St. Paul, enjoy whatever the city has without being stuck in bustling downtown. Well-appointed and also spacious rooms give you many of room to kick ago and relax. There are two restaurants adjacent in the parking many for her dining pleasure. However, breakfast is ~ above us. Our totally free hot breakfast buffet consists of waffles, pastries, new fruits, cereal and yogurt, juices and 100% Arabica coffee.

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open in loss open up in winter

On-Site infrastructure & Services

practice room High-speed Internet easily accessible Laundry infrastructure Whirlpool (centrally located) WiFi

Indoor Lodging Amenities

accessible to disabled wait conditioned units available free full breakfast Pets enabled in at home unit(s)

Lodging Capacity

variety of hotel/motel rooms: 83 complete indoor lodging units available in winter: 83 Total number of indoor lodging units: 83

Length of Stay

day-to-day rental available

Meetings & Conferences

Banquet framework maximum capacity: 40 basic accommodates meetings because that 30 or much more Meeting/convention facilities maximum capacity: 40



TripAdvisor Traveler Rating
based upon 71 reviews

This hotel has actually been a comfort Inn for around a month, yet has preserved the very same staff. They space warm, friendly, and helpful. My room was huge and lovely, however the floor hadn't been effectively vacuumed and... — vbtravels, September 6, 2021


i was remote sighted by one unexpected and unproven "Smoking Fine" the $250.00. Ns rented 3 rooms for a complete of 7 nights. Ns was told that members the my family left "heavy Smoke" in the room... — grub71by, august 4, 2021

ns was pleased through our recent stay at finest Western. The ar is great, best off the interstate and there space two restaurants in ~ walking distance. The room to be clean. The employee was friendly... — Carol W, July 12, 2021

height notch hospitality from mine pre-check in phone call (I had actually a unique request) every the means to check out. Especially personable employee - made me feel prefer they were welcoming friends into their... — V3313SVlisan, June 6, 2021

really clean, friendly and caring environment I just stay in ~ this hotel as soon as I to be in Lake Elmo, MN I would certainly recommend this hotel come anyone. Close to everything we needed. Staff is outstanding Keep up... — Debbie L, April 19, 2021

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