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Are girlfriend ready?WooDoo, doo, dooDoo, doo, dooFreeDoo, doo, dooDoo, doo, dooDoo, doo, dooDoo, doo, dooFree, babyMmmBoyWhen you look at meDo you judge me by my cover?Got to it is in kidding meTo think that I'm that kind of loverI don't mean to disagreeSorry friend can't buy my kissesOpen her eyesAnd seeTrue love comes because that free
I'm maintaining my heart openHoping you won't stab me in itCause I've remained in love beforeWhen I had actually to payI didn'tI lose my sanityTryin' to measure your intentionsWhat carry out you want from meHow lot will that be?No more than I'm willing to give(Yeah, yeah)Cause girlfriend won't salary nothingFor this an excellent loving(All right)It's because that freeAnd ns won't make you promises(Uh-uh)I'll simply do all i canTo be her lover reason I understandThe ideal things in life are free(Yeah)Now the I've discoveredWhat you typical to me
The ideal things(Yeah)In life are freeNow that we've obtained each otherThe finest things in life are freeHey, hey, heyHey, hey, hey(Come top top now)Ah, ha, haHey, yeah, yeahOohI favor that (Hey)Now, Janet(Mmm, Luther)I recognize you room my babyMy one and only babyYou stated it twiceI'll to speak it thriceMy baby, baby, babyI've acquired so much love because that you(Yeah, yeah)And it's simple to provide itWhen I know you feel(Yeah, yeah)The same method too

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That's all I intend from youJust be all that you canTo it is in my loverCause ns understandI do, i doThey say(Hoo, hoo)The ideal things(Yeah)In life space free(Yeah)Now the I've discoveredWhat you median to me(I discovered)The best things in life room freeNow the we've acquired each otherThe ideal things in life are freeThe ideal things in life are freeNow that I've discoveredWhat you mean to meThe best things in life space free(So free, I'm free, so glad I'm free)Now that we've gained each otherThe best things in life space free(BBD, tell 'em 'bout feel)Sister, sisterKicking all the jazz(Yeah)Cause money, honeyWant what you never ever had(Yeah)A most bone structureI might make it lastI'm in it to victory itRD, feel the pastYeahMaterial, imperialSo get the infoYou recognize I knowIt's not about the doughSo baby, babyIf girlfriend wanna it is in my ladyI'll forget the riches and the other itchesMo' money, mo' money(Jam and also Lewis, right here we go)Mo' money, mo' money(Luther, Janet, below we go)Mo' money, mo' money(Biv, DeVoe, right here we go)Mo' money, mo' money(Ralph T, speak)The best things in life space for freeMmm, hmmFree, baby(Yeah)No much more than I'm ready to give(Willing come give)'Cause girlfriend won't give me nothingFor that good lovingIt's for freeAnd i won't do you promises(Ooh)You seeI'm gonna beI'm gonna beWe're gonna beI'm gonna it is in the really best i canTo be her loverCause ns understand(Ooh)It feeling goodFeels goodFeels goodFeels for this reason goodUh, hold it, organize itWait a minuteI quiet don't think they gained itLet's tell 'em one an ext timeCheck the outEverybody demands to know thatThe best things(Yeah)In life room free(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)Now that I've discoveredWhat you average to me(Oh, everybody knows that)The best things(That's right)In life space free(Yeah)Now that we've gained each other(Each other)The ideal things in life space free(Don't girlfriend know, don't know?)The best things in life room free(The finest things in life are free, don't girlfriend know?)Now that I've discoveredWhat you typical to me(What you typical to me)The best things in life space freeNow that we've acquired each otherThe best things in life room freeDon't girlfriend know?Don't friend know?The an extremely best in life is freeAnd I'm freeYeah