Not too numerous brides have actually to complete with having a bounty hunter trying to find their brand-new husband due to the fact that he is a beast and also has a 5 million dissension bounty on his head. Yet such is the life that Catherine Chandler, the newly Mrs. Vincent Keller. Now, she confronted the possibility of bringing a baby into the mix. Her life is certainly never dull. Something’s Gotta give was more than the episode’s title, it was what Catherine and also Vincent establish if they wanted to have actually a happy and also successful marriage.

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Cat (Kristin Kreuk) is sitting in a coffee shop city hall a young mother attend to her crying baby when Heather (Nicole Anderson) arrives and also tells her that she’s determined to date Kyle (Michael Roarke). She assures she sister though the she i will not ~ tell that anything about beasts. The infant cries again and Catherine shows up distracted. Why?

Cat is top top her way to meet with Secretary Deputy Hill, (Andrew Stewart-Jones) but learns the he never ever made it into work. Her cop ‘spidey feeling tingling,” she realizes the the Hill could be in danger. Cat call Vincent (Jay Ryan) and rushes the end of DHS Headquarters.

It transforms out she’s right, because that at that moment, Secretary Deputy Hill’s head is gift dunked in his tub by a male who demands to recognize the identity of the beast. Hill’s wife and daughter (Susie McLean and also Kyrah Bowen) are gagged and also tied in the following room. The man warns uneven Hill pour out the beans, he will kill the in prior of his family and also then kill them! Time is running out for Secretary Deputy Hill. Suddenly, Cat bursts through the door, she gun trained top top the man. That an intense stand-off and also as the guy is around to fire his gun in ~ Cat, Vincent shows up from the balcony. They fight and Vincent throw the man off the balcony! that did discover who the beast was…too bad the man will be also dead to use the information!

Meanwhile, JT (Austin Basis) is complaining around his computer system equipment. Currently that Cat is a unique Agent, she’ll have access to an ext advanced high technology computers. Heather find a pregnant test in Cat’s purse and asks whether her sister is pregnant. Cat doesn’t know since she hasn’t had actually time to pee on the stick. However is Cat delaying taking the pregnant test because that a reason? JT tells Cat and Heather the unfortunately the occurrence with Secretary Deputy Hill has alerted bloggers on the beast situation. However he has an idea. What is JT planning?

Well, JT’s setup was come pretend to it is in a DHS agent and also meet through the bloggers (Jess Salguiero and also Shannon Kook) and to try to warning them against posting any much more information. Physically, he had the whole DHS certified dealer look down pat, acquisition on the perfect Men In Black look. (Will smith would have actually been proud!) yet unfortunately, he didn’t to convince the bloggers so they usage a taser top top him and throw the in your van. Negative JT, constantly getting kidnapped!

At the bloggers hideout, JT is tied and also chained up. Apparently because the news reported an assault of one more agent, they were more convinced than ever that beasts were the end there. And since JT went v the effort of pretending to be an agent (badly because he no even create a file trail to back up his claim) they thought he to be the beast. Mobile camera out, lock were prepared to document him carry out his “beast thing” for the entire human being to see. JT laughs at exactly how wrong castle are. He’s simply a guy trying to execute the best thing, however unfortunately failed. “I’m nobody,” JT states sadly. The bloggers decision he’s an ext pathetic 보다 they are and also release him.

Cat tells Tess (Nina Lisandrello) around her feasible pregnancy, but that she hasn’t take the check yet.

Secretary Deputy Hill many thanks Cat and also Vincent for saving his life and tells them that the only means to prevent something choose this from ever happening again is to find the human being behind the beast bounty and also put a protect against to it. Hill believes the the male they must be looking in ~ is Albert Toland (Neil Napier) who recently came into a big sum (two million dollars to it is in exact) that money and may have a link to a Russian oligarch. In bespeak to learn more, Cat and also Vincent pose together a pair expecting their first child for this reason they can go undercover in ~ the exclusive school Albert Toland and also his mam Judy (Lauren Bittner) are involved with. Cat learns the Vincent is not prepared to start a household with the threats they face in their lives and also their demanding careers. Listening the snobs at the institution talk around putting two years olds on the ideal path come make relationships doesn’t aid either.

Suddenly, Albert Toland is abducted and Vincent rushes off to rescue him, yet tear gas stop him back and likewise makes it daunting to track Toland. Cat bring away Judy and her 2 boys ago to she apartment for protection. The rich small brats begin jumping on the couch and also breaking things. Judy speak Cat the she doesn’t understand why someone would desire to kidnapped her husband. She additional adds the ever due to the fact that the guys were born, she and also Albert have grown apart. This is not a convincing testimony for Catherine to start a family with Vincent and further adds come her anxiety of probably being pregnant. When Vincent arrives, he and also Cat get into one argument around the case and also the pressure of work. Cat blurts out that she may be pregnant. Calming down, Vincent provides support to his wife.

Heather speak Tess that she hasn’t seen JT due to the fact that the night before. They go to the parking lot where JT met the bloggers and find the (who the bloggers returned to the spot of the abduction). JT tells them around his kidnapping and also smiles the Tess appears to have been worried. Tess tells JT that Cat and also Vincent needs his help.

Vincent is maybe to usage his beast ability to monitor Albert Toland, that is gagged and also tied increase in a trunk of a car. Vincent beasts out and rescues Toland, who it transforms out isn’t as chaste as the appeared. Toland isn’t a bounty hunter, yet he is a hired hitman who was payment to kill the beast. And also he knew that if he were in a danger situation, that would entice the beast come him. Toland shoots and hits Vincent, that takes turn off running.

While researching Albert Toland, JT learn the truth and Cat takes off to find her husband after establish Vincent has actually walked right into a trap. Meanwhile, our hero is hiding from Toland that asks Vincent even if it is he is “some kind of experiment unable to do wrong.” Toland is just around to end up Vincent off as soon as Cat arrives simply in time and shoots Toland, saving her husband.

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JT and also Tess beat a game of pool and Tess tells JT the just because they room no longer together doesn’t median that she quit caring around him. She wants JT find what he’s in search of by gift himself.

Catherine ultimately takes the pregnancy test and also it transforms out negative. She admits to Vincent the although she never ever thought around being a mom, she a tiny disappointed to no be pregnant as she was starting to obtain excited about the idea. Vincent comforts her, but is he privately relieved that they space not going to it is in parents?