SpecificationDescriptionTechnical specificationsQuick find number: TF9224Warranty:1 YEAR duty battery performs: Laptop , key power battery for portable computers Battery Chemistry: Lithium ion , Newer type of rechargable, giving best performance because that a rechargable. Voltage: 14.4 V Capacity: 3350.0 mAh Watt hours: 48 Wh variety of Cells: 4 Weight: 8.8 oz Dimensions: 8.1 in x 2.0 in x 0.8 in Charger Battery Ports:0

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Built come Last

her Duracell Laptop Battery is produced from components unrivalled in quality, guaranteeing an excellent performance v every use, time and also time again.

Increased recharge cycles and extended discharge times administer you with longer uncorded usage and also a battery that lasts for just as long as the original.



Safer by Design

Internal safety attributes safeguard your laptop and also accessories with built-in over current, overheat and short circuit protection. Substantial testing the our batteries throughout the manufacturing process ensures every element of their function is optimised and triple-protected.

fully vibration and affect tested, all our instead of laptop batteries room designed to resist movement and the small knocks and bumps laptops incur in day-to-day life.



Compatibility Guaranteed

us guarantee that your replacement battery will fit your an equipment perfectly, and what’s an ext will be easy to install. Unsure precisely which model fits your laptop or exactly how to install it? our world-class team of experts are just a phone contact away and also will be happy to help you.

We"ve got You Covered

Rely on dependable mobile power from the UK’s No.1 consumer Battery brand. No issue your location, an outstanding working life native your brand-new Duracell battery will store you unplugged because that longer.

Our substantial 1-Year Warranty and also full Duracell Charge assistance comes as standard v all Duracell replacement laptop batteries.

At Duracell direct we are proud to market our customers our huge variety Duracell laptop spares and accessories. If you can"t discover the part you"re searching for, contact our customer solutions team below and we"ll aid you discover it quickly.

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