Many world ask me what mine thoughts room on the Bath and also Body functions candles. It’s true, that I have actually yet come write any full reviews on any kind of of their candles top top the blog. I feel that there are already so many an excellent Youtubers and fellow bloggers the end there that solely cover this candles that my opinion will simply be another drop in the bucket. As such, I’ve tried come go v some other brands that world haven’t written about as thoroughly.

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Since so many human being have been asking, ns figured I would certainly share my think on Bath and also Body works candles in general and do some individual scent reviews as soon as in a while.


Bath and also Body works candles, in mine opinion, are a good option that isn’t also expensive.. Especially if you capture them at your sale prices which occur quite frequently. They normally have an excellent scent throw and also the burn high quality on your 3 wick candles is virtually perfect every time. While castle do have a decent selection of scents ns often uncover them to be really hit-and-miss and also I regularly go stick v a few of my favorites when I perform buy them. Which bring me come the scent we have actually for review by them now ‘Twisted Peppermint‘.

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Bath and Body functions – Twisted Peppermint

Product Overview:

Wax Type: Vegetable wax blend Size: 14.5 oz Price: $$ (Check present Price Online) Burn Time: Approx 25 – 45 hrs Other commodities Available: Wallflowers, Soaps, Body care products and also more


Review Rundown:

Is that Scent-sational? This odor stands out to me as one of the finest candle fragrant from the Bath and Body works line because that Christmas and winter or for people that simply love peppermint in general. The scent description reads ‘Cool peppermint, sugared snow, vanilla buttercream, fresh balsam, and also a hint of musk’. While ns can’t speak I had the ability to distinguish all of these notes in the candle, what i did pick up on was a true peppermint fragrance with some boy sweet keep in mind most most likely coming native the vanilla buttercream. Not only is this one of my favorite Bath and Body works scents overall, the is also one that my favorite peppermint fragrant candles. If you space a peppermint lover you will LOVE this candle. 10/10


Fragrance Intensity: That amazing peppermint odor is intense! This scent will fill a room and you will feel that cool peppermint in your nose not long after lighting. If you room sensitive to fragrant candles I would certainly recommend just burning this one for an hour or so in ~ a time. If you place this candle in a tiny room friend can even smell it without it gift lit!

Presentation: similar to most the bath & human body Works/ White Barn scents, this candle features brand-new packaging each year. For 2016, it features this label through the liquid cane and also polar be afflicted with on a turquoise background. The jar is semi-transparent and has an embossed Christmas tree on its silver colored lid.


Burn Quality and Longevity: The burn top quality of this Bath and Body functions candles room another solid point, the selection in the wick, and the 3 wick placement in these candles, ensures a quick forming melt pool, with little to no tunneling. The downside to this is the candle longevity. The 3 wick candle from Bath and also Body works burn incredibly fast i beg your pardon affects their worth a little as well. We often discover these candles just lasting about 30 hours and also sometimes even less if you burn them for extended periods of time.