No matter how countless times you"ve watched the 1985 sci-fi classic, there"s always something new to look because that in Back come the Future. Writer-director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Bob Gale pack the movie with thoughtful details, from Doc Brown"s foreshadowing the Back come the Future component II to a ethereal homage to Stanley Kubrick. Together Express reports, among these easy-to-miss details is a quick dialogue exchange throughout the climax, and once you start paying closer attention to it, that could change the means you watch the rest of the movie.

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Redditor amanwhodrinks newly laid the end his monitoring in the r/FanTheories subreddit. Follow to him, Doc"s decision come heed Marty"s warning from 1955 and also take actions to save his own life in the current isn"t the abrupt character change it appears to be.

In the past, Doc worries around how time take trip might influence the future, and he refuses to hear what the future has in store for him out of fear he might disrupt the space-time continuum. In the present, Marty finds that Doc finished up listening come him after all. As soon as he asks what made him readjust his mind, Doc responds, "I figured, what the hell."

The Reddit post suggests that we watch the precise moment once Doc has actually his adjust of heart. As soon as Doc is prepare the DeLorean for time travel, Marty explains how his dad winner over his mommy by standing approximately Biff, something he’s never seen his father carry out before. Doc responds, “Never?” if looking in ~ the revived picture of Marty and also his siblings. Marty says, “Yeah, why?” and Doc states “Nothing,” prior to returning come the job in prior of him.

On an initial viewing, this exchange may not it seems to be ~ important enough to justification a pause in the activity so close come the climax of the film, yet according amanwhodrinks, that there for a great reason: “My concept is the Doc had a major epiphany in this scene. At that moment, once he observed the revived picture the Marty and also his brother and sister, the realized the you can fully change the past and still have actually a positive and also congruent outcome on the future without ruining the space-time continuum.” If this theory is accurate, Doc’s decision to affect his very own fate in ~ the finish of the film is component of a emerged character arc, quite than a snap decision made simply for the hell the it.

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This translate is tame contrasted to several of the theories that have been built around Back come the Future. Some an imaginative fans think that the trilogy is an intricate chiasmus and others say the Doc Brown is suicidal.