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‘The Bachelor’ Season 21 spoilers show that Nick Viall is wasting no time narrowing under the contestants to the last four. With over 30 women completing for Nick’s love this season, reports show that Nick has currently found his one true love. But, that course, fans can’t help but wonder if this time the love is for real. And, does Nick really arrangement on obtaining married or is it all an act?

‘The Bachleor’ Season 21 spoilers show that the last four contestants are 24-year-old Corinne Olympios of sunny Isles Beach, Florida; 31-year-old Rachel Lindsay that Dallas, Texas; 25-year-old Raven gateways of Hoxie, Arkansas and 29-year-old Vanessa Grimaldi of Montreal, Canada.

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So far Vanessa has been a fan favorite. Rachel winner the first impression climbed while raven has regulated to victory viewers over v her small town, good girl persona. Corinne, ~ above the various other hand, is this season’s villain. She to be the first contestant to tree a kiss on Nick and also take her peak off. Through the 3rd episode, she straddled Nick with a barely-there bikini within a bounce house. Despite every one of Corinne’s wild advances, spoilers show that Vanessa Grimaldi is this season’s can be fried winner.


Yet, vault reports show that Nick Viall is not even interested in obtaining married. Insiders believe that Nick only agreed come joining the display to aid give his acting and modeling job a boost. By gift this season’s Bachelor, Nick has controlled to generate publicity and also keep his name in the headlines. Plenty of say the Nick is hope to remain in Hollywood when the display is over and is also looking forward to joining the actors of ‘Dancing through The Stars’ and other jobs he has actually in the pipeline.

For fans though, castle can’t aid but wonder if Vanessa Grimaldi will certainly stick about for really long. After ~ all, Vanessa herself mentioned throughout the very first episode the she no come all the way from Montreal for nothing. She desires to go residence with an engagement ring and it’s as much as Nick to make it take place for her.

Tell us, who carry out you think should be Nick Viall’s ultimate pick? While countless fans think that he is definitely attracted come Corinne, others think Vanessa is the one contestant that is many suited because that him. However, Nick Viall might shock everyone and also announce at the last rose ceremony that he isn’t prepared to commit come one woman and get married. Maybe there is no last rose winner.

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‘The Bachelor’ airs every Monday in ~ 8 p.m. EST ~ above the alphabet Network. Allow us know what friend think through dropping united state a line in our comments section below.

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It’s Corinne vs. Anyone this week, and you CAN’T miss out on it. #TheBachelor