Aubrey Anderson-Emmons may live the Hollywood life together a star that the fight ABC series “Modern Family,” however her format is decidedly down-to-earth.

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The charismatic 9-year-old, that made history in 2012 together the youngest actor ever before to success a screen Actors Guild compensation for she breakout duty as Lily Tucker-Pritchett, loves to kick around in casual, comfy shoes such as sneakers and flip-flops. Among her favorite brands is Plae, whose shoes feature colorful, interchangeable interchangeable straps, permitting kids come customize your look.

Last week, Aubrey and also her comedian-mom, Amy Anderson, teamed through the brand to hold its very first runway present at mountain Francisco’s historic ft Mason Center. The event also featured aerial and hip-hop performances, and also live arts by Plae’s artist in residence, Oliver Black.


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Footwear News recorded up with Aubrey, who mutual the scoop on she on-set shoe wardrobe, red-carpet style and also celebrity role models.

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Number of pairs owned: “Hmmm … type of a lot! Probably an ext than 10 pairs, but my feet grew really rapid this year, for this reason some could not also fit me anymore.”

Favorite footwear brands: “I love Plae. They do the many comfortable shoes. Ns wear my Plae Noel boots to the farm as soon as I ride horses. Flip-flops room cool. I have actually ones indigenous Sanuk that room made native old yoga mats. I love being barefoot, too.”

Personal style: “I prefer stuff that is pretty, however I can also be a tomboy sometimes. Ns mean, my favourite pants space sweatpants. I favor being comfortable.”

Go-to layouts for special events: “I love tall boots or sandals. I have actually really wide feet, so sophisticated dress shoes generally don’t to the right me.”

Most comfortable pair for long days top top the set: “My ‘Modern Family’ character, Lily, put on a many Plae shoes. The Emme is probably my favourite pair.”

On my great list: “I can’t wait to be old sufficient to stay heels — even though my mommy says castle hurt her feet.”

If I could raid Lily’s wardrobe, I’d take: “Definitely the Plae Emmes.”

Celebrity fashion idol: “I think Sofia Vergara is therefore beautiful and also fancy. She constantly looks so pretty, and also she is an remarkable businesswoman. Plus, she has the coolest shoes.”

Favorite purchase haunts: “I actually hate shopping. But right now, ns am working through Mini Boden, and I love your stuff. They do so plenty of cute outfits, and everything’s really comfortable.”

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