My very first thought upon very first listen to Anthony Green’s surprised solo album, Would friend Still it is in In Love, was, “How the hell can he be this prolific?!” In the last decade, green has to be the frontman for both Circa Survive and also Saosin while releasing 5 solo records. Somehow, Would you Still it is in In Love is as beautiful together it is terrifying. Because that each picture beautifully painted of absolute love, over there is a tear in the canvas reflecting the battle with mental illness on the other side.

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Green’s solo albums have always experimented through genre, yet they have actually usually been at their ideal at the acoustic level. Aside from sparsely provided percussion and also a haunting violin, the majority of Would you Still be In Love consists of gorgeously melodic acoustic tracks that make the lyrics lot darker than they otherwise may have been. While environment-friendly pours over his struggles and things start crashing down, you can hear the beauty of the world roughly him that he’s trying to reach.

As usual, Green’s lyrics room stunning. The album is a how amazing dark one that provides stark imagery to show the struggles of mental disease in a relationship. Opener “Vera Lynn” is arguably the poppiest song eco-friendly has ever before written. It also is a song around the are afraid of coming to be musically irrelevant. The both a warning come himself and an understanding of his profession as he sings, “Someday if you hit the big one, everybody wants some from friend / that won’t last / cause then at some point you’ll bite the big one / anyone will move onto someone new”.

“Love”, a cover native the tune made well known in Disney’s Robin Hood man movie, is a sweet homage come his family. It likewise sets the tone for exactly how wonderful things deserve to be before collapsing. “You’re so Dead Meat” is whereby the very first doubts start to to water in about his music. There space lines that display the struggle with arts in methods I have actually never heard before, together as, “These strings are so dead / Holding turn off on changing them / until someday they will just break”, or “Why should I put everything into every these songs you just steal?”

“When ns Come Home” is the showstopper that the record. That highlights the battle of dealing with an individual issues and watching versus your very own will as things appear to autumn to pieces. The track weighs the pressure between true and also failed love as environment-friendly sings, “Don’t blame me if I’m ideal / friend were constantly on your means out / You have the right to take her time, ok be patience / Don’t dislike me if i say, ‘If yes something I have the right to change’ / you’d still be in love when I come home”.

Closer “Real Magic” manages to uncover solace with his struggles and ties off his fears. Coming to terms with his fears together a musician from earlier in the album, “Real Magic” justifies the struggles of writing such personal songs together he sings, “Everyday there’s something tragic that helps someone else”.

Would friend Still it is in In Love sits amongst Anthony Green’s best solo albums. As tragic as it is redeeming, the document feels finish at ripe songs long. Exceptionally personal, thematic and honest, environment-friendly shows yet again the he’s never ever left the peak of his game.

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by Kyle Schultz

Kyle Schultz is the senior Editor in ~ It’s every Dead and has worked as a gaming reporter at framework Gaming. He stays in Chicago and also listened come this album at 6 am on a Saturday morning since sleeping in is for quitters.