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George Clooney in the "80s was every hair. You may be less acquainted with this variation of the actor, but before ER, Ocean"s Eleven, and Gravity, that rocked dark brown curls.

The term silver- fox was nearly coined because that Clooney. The actor adopted his graying hair when he was just at the begin of his movie career and it has since become his signature style.

American Gigolo and Officer and a Gentleman.

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Then: Richard Gere

Pretty Woman, the actor was delightfully gray. Nowadays, Gere"s hair is more white than gray and he wears the proudly.

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Grey"s Anatomy and also stole viewers hearts together Dr. Derek Shepherd—a.k.a. McDreamy.

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Since his breakout role on The Wonder Years, Eric Dane maintained his hair short and trimmed.

Around the time that Dane joined Grey"s Anatomy, he uncovered himself walk gray. However he was on the present for six years so, if anything, that seems prefer fans were into it.

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Now: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Then: Steve Carell

Remington Steele to James Bond, Pierce Brosnan"s perfectly coiffed dark brown hair aided earned that a heartthrob status he"s ongoing to organize for decades.

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Now: Jeff Goldblum

Rather than fight against the inevitable, Goldblum went full silver fox in the recent years. We think it was the ideal call.

Before he was the Hulk, mark Ruffalo"s short and spiky brown hair was part of his signature look.