Okay, first the great news around the brand-new season that American Idol: Nicki Minaj is very great television in her function as a judge. She is wacky, she is out there and she’s unpredictable. She likewise does a good British accent.

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Is she a an excellent judge of new talent? Dunno. Time will tell.


The other new judges? Well, Keith Urban is one of my favorite guitarists and also seems a bloody an excellent bloke, but, he comes across as gift a bloody an excellent bloke who’s additionally bloody boring.


The other new judge- Mariah Carey- is very poetic and also makes sweeping gestures and also plays the function of the aging diva really well in a Tallulah Bankhead kinda way whereas Randy Jackson, well, after twelve year on the show, he is the sole survivor despite still no captaining the ship.


Nicki Minaj running the show and also while the town hall the show, I preserved wanting Beyonce and Jay-Z in starring roles, however that would have actually blown the production budget.

So, ~ watching the first night of auditions, the judges were in the starring roles while the usual crew that the good, the bad and also the fuglies made fools of themselves, or, through some clever editing and enhancing were made come look even an ext stupid than they are.


Nine years back when william Hung crashed the party, make an ass that himself and also sang, “She Bangs,” it was funny. He was the Jackie Chan that Idol and also it operated for him and also the show.

He appeared in movies and also became a freakoid hit by also being paid large bucks to make public appearances in ~ dragon ns in Hong Kong. I usage you, you use me and we all manipulate each other. It’s a wonder he didn’t obtain a reality collection and get married a Kardashian.

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In 2013, however, having actually a pimply Chinese guy who have the right to barely speak English and also this being part of the “joke” and also then have actually him audition and also attempt to sing a tuneless variation of, supposedly, “The Phantom that The Opera”, and is expected to it is in the “big joke,” well, it’s not funny. It becomes a very lame racism “gag”.

I cringed once I watched Albert Chang- ns think that’s his name- become a helpless prop in this setup.


The Turbanator, a Sikh male who auditioned has gone v to Hollywood after some scripted dialogue around whether he have to stay or if he have to go.

Frankly, the was every scripted and also rehearsed as soon as Minaj blurted out, “So i am told girlfriend wear a various turban to match your outfits?” She was TOLD aka BRIEFED? and also so followed the remainder of the routine.

It reminded me the the good Susan Boyle con on Britain’s got talent and where the judges feigned surprised at her performance when they had to have actually seen her at rehearsal. And then all those YouTube views the next day? there is no them being bought?

Apart indigenous a number of freakoids and also sad sack cases who to be tone deaf, there were a couple of other props in the setup choose one bad sod edited to look as if he had made it v to Hollywood yet was just day dreaming.

Now this was just plain cruel and those relax contracts signed which allow all clip shot to be offered without any type of Rights concerns are dangerous.

Elsewhere, there to be a handful of okay singers v the usual quota of sob stories who went through.

By now, as soon as you listen a contestant has actually undergone some adversity, you already know that they have actually the sympathy vote and also must go v to Hollywood.

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Sure, this was only the season opener of a present most of us have followed as if life depended on it, however that was an extremely long ago and once we were not bombarded by social media overload.

Idol will, i hope, get much better and find some great original talent and not much more karaoke singers.

Frankly, I’m wait to clock a collection called “Bunheads” and also the brand-new series the “Glee.”

The former present at least has actually women that look an ext my type and space talented. Tastes change in twelve years. Even in 4 years.

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I’ve had my to fill of karaoke sessions v celebrity judges masquerading together a television show.