Moira O’Hara is the housekeeper in the killing House, and has been the housekeeper there for a really long time. She appears differently to men and also women. Come women, she is an elderly lady that is endearing with a witty feeling of humor. Come men, she shows up as a redheaded seductress.

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Moira’s younger version wears a very short maid’s dress, black stockings hosted up v a black color garter belt, and black heels. She likewise wears a frilly white apron about her waist. Here’s whatever you must look favor Moira O’Hara.

How to do Moira O’Hara - American horror Story Maid Costume

1Black Dress with ¾ Sleeves Wear a black color dress as the base of your outfit.
2White Fake Peter Pan Collar Add a fake collar for much more detail.
3White half Apron Look more like a housekeeper v a white half-apron roughly your waist.
4 black Garter and also StockingsLook seductive with black stockings organized up through a black garter belt.
5 black color HeelsPair her stockings through black heels.
6Red ‘50s Wig Don’t forget come wear Moira’s luscious red hair with a wig.

Moira O’Hara makeup Tutorial

About Moira O’Hara

Moira O’Hara’s younger variation is illustrated by Alexandra Breckenbridge.

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