Amber Heard has actually been acquisition to social media the late, posting a number of different exercise videos that signal she is more than ready for a go back to the watery deep that Atlantis. Over there is an upcoming sequel because that Aquaman to think around here and Heard is set to have actually her duty expand in the next movie. However last mainly Heard also took to social media to article a easier photo, one without much in the way of comment, or makeup. The is definitely a different look for the actress. 

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The write-up went increase on Instagram v the brand “flashback Friday” and simply reflects a take self of Amber Heard. Again, this is external of few of what we have actually seen indigenous the actress on she IG account, especially considering she is (presumably) in the throes of filming Aquaman and the lost Kingdom right now. Examine out the post below. 

But also though there is a much-anticipated sequel comes from Amber Heard in the DC prolonged Universe, there was part not-so-great news on the personal front from earlier this week. It to be reported the A Virginia referee is walking to enable Johnny Depp’s libel case against Heard to move forward in the courts after the latter’s depiction had argued that the situation should it is in thrown out. The won’t be the case and these two are possibly headed for one more courtroom showdown.

The situation that is headed because that a Virginia courtroom stems indigenous a libel lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp against Amber Heard about statements she had actually made in a Washington article op-ed item from ago in 2018. In that piece, Heard had actually said that Depp was abusive during their marriage, though did stop brief of in reality naming the by name. But that was just a technicality, seeing as just how she couldn’t have been talking around anyone else. This prompted a defamation and also libel sue on the component of Depp that some have actually said ranges between a proposed $50 million to $70 million in potential damages. 

Amber Heard’s legitimate team had been make the efforts to get the instance thrown the end citing the ruling from last summer in a united kingdom court v a similar case. In that one, Johnny Depp had actually sued the brother tabloid, The sun for libel as well. The latter had actually labeled Depp a “wife-beater” in one of their worries which triggered the suit. In the taking place court case, The sun was obligated to argue and ultimately prove their case that this brand was “correct” because that Johnny Depp. A number of damaging and embarrassing revelations about Depp and Heard’s marriage came out in the proceedings and ultimately, The sunlight won the case. It to be a substantial blow to Depp, however not as much to Heard.


The judge in the Virginia situation has stated that the inquiry by Amber Heard to have actually the situation thrown out due to the fact that of the UK court ruling didn’t wake up though. In his briefing, the referee cited privity statutes that perform not make Amber Heard (via the Washington Post) have the same relationship to the matter as The sun did in your legal battle. While the admitted that there were, of course, similarities, the relationship were different enough that the instance can move forward. 

This next situation doesn’t have a date, but if/ once it access time the courtroom if will certainly no doubt rotate up several of the same problems that stemmed native the one in England. The outcome of that case, v The sunlight winning their argument, caused immediate expert fallout for Johnny Depp that was dismissed indigenous his functions in Fantastic Beasts and also Where to find Them as well as a cameo in Pirates that the Caribbean. Plus, another flick the has currently completed, Minamata, has been every but hidden by the studio.

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Part wanted the same fate because that Heard, and also a Change.org petition had actually millions the signatures call for she ouster indigenous this following DC film. But that won’t be the case.