What's air command? What's brand-new in Galaxy keep in mind 5 air command? What space the 3 methods to access Galaxy note 5 waiting command? This guide gives you the answer.

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What’s waiting command? and also What’s brand-new in Galaxy keep in mind 5 wait air command?

Air command is a unique feature of S Pen. It permits you to quickly accessibility some S Pen related features.

Samsung an initial introduced wait command in Galaxy note 3 with:

action memo;scrapbook;screen write;S Finder, andPen window.

In Galaxy keep in mind 4, air command to be updated. There space 4 functions in Galaxy keep in mind 4 air command:

action memo;image clip;smart select, andscreen write.

S Finder has actually been moved to notice panel since Galaxy note 4.

Galaxy note 5 waiting command present a new feature: use your own application shortcuts in air command.

You can add up come 3 apps to air command so that you have the right to launch them quicker. Although girlfriend can add any apps in the phone to Galaxy keep in mind 5 wait command, it make feeling to include some apps that usage S Pen, for instance S note or some photo editor apps. By default, S keep in mind was included already. Yet you deserve to remove it from waiting command if girlfriend want. Please inspect this guide on just how to include and manage apps come Galaxy keep in mind 5 air commnad.

Galaxy note 5 wait command also introduced a floating symbol for air command.

This is very useful for brand-new S Pen users. A many of new users space not acquainted with the S Pen button. The floating icon provides a brand-new option to access air command top top Galaxy keep in mind 5.

In enhancement to the brand-new customizable application shortcuts, Galaxy note 5 air command has other 3 functions (as presented below):

action memo;smart select;

Obviously, Samsung is trying to load only relevant and also popular attributes in air command. Image clip is combined into smart pick in Galaxy note 5 air command.


Please note, you have the right to only use S Pen to tap the floating icon. The floating icon does not respond to her finger.

It is feasible to disable the air command floating icon in Settings-S PenAir commandFloating icon as shown above.

How to allow Galaxy note 5 wait command when air command is grayed out in Galaxy note 5?

Some owners reported the air command in Galaxy note 5 was grayed out.

The cause of grayed out Galaxy keep in mind 5 air command is usually as result of some access settings.

Actually, once you enabled such accessibility settings, there were the warning message on air command. But most the time, no one reads it.

If wait command was grayed the end in Galaxy keep in mind 5, you can examine the access settings. You should turn turn off these settings to usage air command.

Can you use Galaxy note 5 wait command now?

If you have any type of questions or encounter any problems top top using Galaxy keep in mind 5 wait command, please leaving a comment in the comment crate below.

The community will try to assist you.

For other Galaxy note 5 features and also detailed Galaxy note 5 how-to travel guide , you re welcome check Galaxy note 5 how-to travel guide page.

You may also download and also read the official Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 5 user manual here.

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Anonymous says

May 27, 2016 at 2:37 am

I have actually the very same problem and after manufacturing facility reset nothing changes

Hi, i have actually the very same “air command greyed out” problem but is over there no method to obtain it to occupational without a factory reset? also after the marshmallow upgrade my battery drains prefer never before despite maintaining it on power saving many of the time, place is off and all other small things done to save battery yet no use, cant connect on watsapp call for more than 3 secs either, had much more problems like apps crashing and also screen transforming into a rainbow yet they have magically disappeared. The rest still remain.


Aanchal Narang says

March 29, 2016 at 7:07 am

Evee in my keep in mind 5 Aircommand is greyed out after marshmallow update … speak to customer treatment , they said samsung fixing it and will be done through OTA only yet its been practically a week to it, S Pen has come to be of no usage …