Both the young and old versions of Robin Hinton try to define to S.H.I.E.L.D. Just how they can save the timeline


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At the really least, this episode certainly shows us why Robin Hinton always seems therefore scrambled. Its structure bounces back and forth in between present work on the dilapidated Zephyr, whereby Coulson and also the others space trying to figure out a way to conserve the world, and the past, wherein a child-aged Robin watches together humans transition from life on planet to life top top the Lighthouse, for factors that don’t end up being clear till the really end. So let’s try to untangle this timey-wimey ball.

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We begin with Robin together a kid, top top a much-less-rusty Zephyr. Simmons and May room trying to pilot the ship v a heaviness storm, so this have to be quickly after Daisy quaked the civilization apart. Robin states they’ll endure the crash, however notes that “there’s something rather I need to remember.” She has actually the same difficulty in the present. As an old woman, Robin is even more enigmatic than she was as a young girl. Among the surviving humans living in the Zephyr through her, a male named Voss, says that she can’t different past, present, and also future. For instance, he’s around to head out to carry the remainder of May’s friends on board, and also he knows wherein they’ll be due to the fact that Robin told him — a decade ago, the is. Coulson is right now in the midst of crashing the ship they stole from Kasius, yet all the S.H.I.E.L.D. Members survive the crash, simply as young Robin predicted years earlier.

Coulson is eager to gain any and also all info that might help his team go back to their very own time and also prevent this apocalypse indigenous happening, yet Robin isn’t really forthcoming. Every she’ll tell him is the he’s the one that can bring all the piece together, and that “this is the job it every ends.” Coulson and May appeal come Enoch for aid communicating v Robin, however Enoch states she was only ever chatty v her mom; he has actually sometimes been able to acquire things the end of her by remaining at she side for days, however time is no a luxury they have actually anymore.

Meanwhile, Fitz and also Simmons uncover the maker used come activate the white monolith and also bring them all here. They’ve even discovered a item of the monolith, however apparently that’s not enough. If they can find more, perhaps they could reconstruct the portal and go back in time to stop this all from happening. However while they try to figure that out, Fitz and also Simmons finally uncover themselves with some alone time, and also put it to an excellent use.

Returning come the flashbacks, us see exactly how things started to autumn apart. As a young Robin wanders through the halls of the early on Lighthouse muttering Flint’s surname over and over, Yo-Yo and May acquire into a fight about whether come rebel versus the Kree, who are supposedly still in the at an early stage stages of to run the station. Yo-Yo wants to overthrow them prior to they enslave the human survivors, but May puts all her trust in Robin, who claims they have the right to save the world.

As time walk on, apparently may was the only one who kept confidence in Robin’s prophecies. Fitz got frustrated that all their attempts to stop the cataclysm failed, returning him to his old idea the time is unchangeable. He also says that the Daisy who entered the future came ago and still ruined the earth — Robin couldn’t adjust it, and Voss couldn’t change it. If you’re not great at maintaining time travel directly in her head, this is probably beginning to gain a small unwieldy.

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Back in the present, we soon discover out what Fitz supposed by Voss’ attempt to change the timeline. Though he’s a longtime girlfriend of Robin’s, Voss clearly doesn’t trust every one of her prophecies. When they’ve acquired Daisy through them, he and his other survivors decision to shot killing she — the only definitive means they see to readjust the timeline. Naturally, tragedy occurs. As Daisy fights she assailants, Robin wanders into the crossfire and gets fatally stabbed. This is what she meant once she claimed this to be the work it all ends — for her, at least.

This cause the last flashback, to may rocking a child-aged Robin come sleep together a surrogate mother. One day, may says, you’ll have to tell me exactly how to fix this. The young Robin has’t watched it yet, yet the older Robin has, and as she die she whispers to might the means they can go earlier in time, due to the fact that no Hinton have the right to die without whispering one critical prophecy ~ above their way out. Returning to the others v the nstayinfiji.coms, might only has actually one question: Who’s Flint?

Flint, meanwhile, has been brushing up his revolutionary bona fides by rescuing the Lighthouse residents from Kasius’ unleashed roaches and helping them was standing together versus the Kree’s manipulations. And with that last hint from Robin, the sounds favor his rock-manipulating abilities are going to be just as central to reconstituting the earth as ns suspected…