regardless of having fallen turn off the confront of the earth these past few years, Adrien Brody was the "it" actor throughout the 90s and also 2000s...

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Adrien Brody has been under the Hollywood spotlight for rather a bit now, and also although he"s got a number of hit films and also an Academy compensation under his belt, it appears as if we have not heard indigenous Brody in quite a while.

transparent Adrien Brody"s career, the gibbs has discovered himself in a grasp of relationships, through partners varying from his personal assistants come other big names such together actresses Keira Knightley, Elsa Pataky, and January Jones, every one of which Brody date briefly.

despite having fallen turn off the challenge of the earth these past couple of years, Adrien Brody was the "it" actor transparent the 90s and 2000s, even becoming the youngest star to win an Oscar for best Actor in 2002. With all that being said, let"s dive right right into some little-known facts about Adrien Brody"s romantic relationships.

13 Adrien Doesn"t always Date famed People

although Adrien Brody has, in fact, date a variety of high file celebrities throughout his career, that is likewise the type to loss in love with those who room not famous. The "Pianist" actor dated Michelle Dupont, his an individual assistant, indigenous 2003 to 2006, which marked his first-ever connection with somebody who was not famous or well-known in the to chat industry.

12 he Attended The Oscars alongside Michelle Dupont

While numerous people, including Adrien Brody"s fans, did no think anything of his brand-new relationship, points took a turn as soon as he and Michelle Dupont to visit the Academy Awards together. This was only a year after Brody had actually taken home the Oscar for "Best Actor", so having Dupont together his day was rather the hot gossip in ~ the time.

11 Leading pan To think Dupont to be "The One"

Considering Adrien Brody and Michelle Dupont had actually been date for three years now, the media and fans the the two began thinking that she might actually it is in "the one" for Adrien. They looked great together and appeared to be a radiant pair on the red carpet, so that was only fitting because that the 2 to acquire married. Regardless of everyone"s high hopes, the 2 officially split back in 2006!

10 He"s apparently Dating Harvey Weinstein"s Ex-Wife

Flash forward to the existing day, it appears Adrien Brody is able to discover love amidst a an international pandemic. Return the rumours are just that, rumours, numerous outlets have actually been speculating that Adrien Brody is currently dating Harvey Weinstein"s ex-wife, Georgina Chapman. According to a variety of sources, the two have been spotted out and about a number of times.

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9 His an initial High Profile connection Was with Monet Mazur

regardless of having date a number of actresses, Adrien Brody"s very first major relationship with a public figure dates ago all the means to 2001! The 28-year-old at the time, dated actress Monet Mazur, that has appeared in a variety of films and also television shows. The two attended events, parties and also red carpets together, however, things took a turn only a couple of months right into the relationship and ultimately led the 2 to rest up.

8 Which Lasted A Year prior to He moved On v A Model

although Adrien Brody just had actually his an initial public breakup with one more celebrity, it shows up he was no phased whatsoever. The actor managed to relocate on fairly quickly, and also with someone who just around anyone might have expected. It shows up as if as soon as you rest up with an actress, friend gotta relocate on to a model, and also that is specifically what Adrien did through Australian model, sky Nellor.

7 he Was engaged To Elsa Pataky

While dating a model could be every guy"s dream, it shows up as if Adrien Brody wasn"t emotion it any kind of longer, and decided come leave sky Nellor because that Elsa Pataky! Adrien and Elsa dated for approximately two years beginning in 2008, and also the pair went as much as gaining engaged. This significant the an initial time Brody had ever before proposed come anyone he"s dated, which is rather a shocker considering how plenty of times many Hollywood celebrities uncover themselves proposing.

6 and Even Bought her A castle For she Birthday

Not only was Adrien Brody involved to Elsa Pataky, however he walk as much as gifting her with a new York castle! The gibbs purchased the estate ago in 2007 and spent rather some time renovating it prior to gifting it to Pataky for she 31st birthday. If this is fairly the extravagant gift, it to be one the may have been too lot to handle, due to the fact that the duo broke up only a few months later.

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5 His Longest relationship Was with Lara Lieto

Adrien Brody had a handful of relationships under his belt in ~ this suggest in his life, however, many of his romantic endeavours it s long anywhere between a year to three years, however no more than that. Regardless of having short relationships, things took a turn as soon as he and Russian model, Lara Lieto, dated for over 8 years! The two controlled to day from 2010 to 2018, before calling that quits.

4 He preserved His connection With January Jones Secret

before committing to an eight-year relationship with Lara Lieto, Adrien Brody dated actress January Jones, but did for this reason on the down-low! This was one of the actors much more secretive relationship and also one the actually stayed a secret. The two were spotted out only occasionally however were never shown to be dating. It to be revealed the the two were seeing every other just after castle had broken up in early 2010.

3 he Allegedly date Keira Knightley After working Together

one of Adrien Brody"s effective films, "The Jacket", which came out in 2005, starred actress Keira Knightley. The 2 had operated together top top the project, and got along quite well, which at some point led the media to assume they to be dating. The rumours concerning the two only grew bigger and also bigger, top Adrien Brody to blow up! The actor was "furious" through the rumours, explain the two were in separation, personal, instance relationships. Yikes!

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2 He"s had Over 8 Romances throughout His Career

After dating a variety of successful and well-known women throughout his career, it appears as if he"s acquired a many experience in the civilization of dating. The actor has managed to invest years date a variety of actresses, both openly and also in secret, and also now has actually 8 relationships under his belt, the we understand of. Return reports insurance claim he is currently seeing Georgina Chapman, we"ll wait for them to check that news.

1 But, He has Never gained Married

in spite of having lots of success locking down potential partners, Adrien Brody remains among the biggest Hollywood bachelors. The star has controlled to day a number of well-known stars and even gained engaged, however, the looks together if luck simply isn"t in his corner. If we"d love because that an Adrien Brody love story to show up on our newsfeeds, we aren"t certain if that minute will ever really come.

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