A tower situation conserves space since the can double as a monitor stand.False2A DVI port transmits a video signal and also is likewise called a DB-15 port.False3An Ethernet port has actually a connector called an RJ-45 to attach to a network cable.True4Functions that provided to be noted by growth cards are more often discovered as onboard port today.True5Hard drives have actually three connections for cables: one for reading data, one for writing data, and one for power.False6What form of harbor transmits both digital audio and also digital video clip with a solitary connector?HDMI7What audio port connects come an outside home theatre audio system, providing digital audio output?S/PDIF8Which statement is not true concerning motherboards?Has a heat sink top top the PCIe Slots9What component is most most likely to be set up in a PC, is thought about primary storage, and typically stores the operation system, and its applications?hard decaying drive10What is the component that usually has actually a dual-voltage selector switch and also has cables that connect to the motherboard and drives called?PSU11How plenty of pins room in the power supply connector that is typically used on most motherboards today?24-pin12If you have actually a PCI Express version 2 video card, how plenty of pins will the strength connector have actually if the card calls for extra power?813What statement about an FRU is true?a assistance technician have to know just how to replace one14What acronym is another name for static electricity, i beg your pardon can damages chips and also destroy motherboards?ESD15What tool can assist discover and report computer errors and conflicts that happen when you very first turn on a computer and before the operating mechanism is launched?POST card16What general-purpose tool have the right to measure characteristics of electrical energy in a range of devices?Multimeter17Programs and data that are stored ~ above a motherboard are referred to by what term?Firmware18What is the name for the form of speed memory the is provided by mobile tools to save their apps and data?Solid State Device19Law enforcement agencies periodically use what kind of data to rebuild a person’s travels?Geotracking20What is the most usual pointing machine on laptops?A touch pad21In a to move network, each cell is controlled by a tower. What are these towers called?base stations22A micro-ATX motherboard will certainly fit into a case that follows what minimum standard?ATX 2.123How many pins are offered in a parallel port, also known as an LPT port?2524What form of port is periodically used by routers because that management and configuration purposes?LPT port25What connector has 4 pins, is provided for older concept drives and some SATA drives, and also can carry out +5 V and also +12 V power outputs?Molex connector26The two solutions that home windows must administer for one ExpressCard are:Card service & Socket Service27What 2 different species of firmware might be provided on motherboards?BIOS & UEFI28What room the two most common form factors supplied today for computer system cases, power supplies, and also motherboards?ATX and also mATX29The PCIe connectors on an ATX version 2.2 power supply come in what two different configurations, depending upon the version of PCI to express involved?6-pin and also 8-pin.30What are two different ways by which a laptop might utilize the to move network connection of a mobile device?Tethering and Hotspot31transmits digital video clip and audio and also is gradually replacing VGA and also DVIDisplayPort32a type of memory slot found on a motherboardDIMM33draws warmth from the CPU and also pipes it to a fan, which climate blows warmth out that the caseHeat sink34a slot used for expansion cards or video cards ~ above a motherboardPCIe35a series of test performed by the startup UEFI/BIOS as soon as you very first turn on a computerPOST36a smaller type of storage slot frequently used because that laptopsSo-Dimm37a computer system is claimed to be in this mode when all wireless technologies are turned offAirplane Mode38a short-range wireless technology used to connect two gadgets in a small personal networkBluetooth39also dubbed the processor, or microprocessor, does many of the handling of data and instructions because that the entire systemCentral handling Unit40reduces the total cost the a system by to reduce the variety of expansion slots on the motherboard, to reduce the power gave to the board, and allowing for a smaller instance sizeMicro-ATX41When disassembling a computer, it’s it s okay to stack circuit boards on peak of each other as long as you monitor ESD security rules.False42Immediately after you unplug the computer system from the strength outlet, you’re safe to start working within the case.False43The motherboard sit on elevated screw holes or spacers to keep it from touching the case.True44A system always needs the 4-pin auxiliary power connector, and sometimes requirements the P1 connector together well.Flase45Some plank designed to assistance multiple PCIe video clip cards will have added power connectors on the plank to power wattage-hungry cards.True46Which declare is no a good practice once working within a computer system case?be certain to hold development cards through the leaf connectors47What is the 2nd step in opened the instance of a functioning computer?power under the system and unplug it48What execute you call a connector top top a motherboard that consists of pins that stick increase from the board?header49What are round plastic or steel pegs that separate the motherboard indigenous the bottom the the situation known as?standoff50In what order should you install components into the case after disassembling a computer?power supply, drives, motherboard, cards51Which explain is true regarding the installation of the motherboard and also connecting power?a 4-pin strength cord provides supplemental power to the processor

52What kind of connector is not typically found ~ above the front panel header?

SATA controller53What go a small triangle installed on a connector signify?the cable nearest the triangle is pen 154Where should you clip her ESD strap when opening a computer case?computer case55Most manufacturers or retailers of laptops offer a warranty that lasts because that at least how long?1 year56What diagnostic software application is used by number of manufacturers, and can operation tests on keyboards, video, speakers, touchpad, optical drives, wireless LANs, motherboard, processor, ports, hard drive, and memory?PC-Doctor57If a soil strap is unavailable, what must be excellent to dissipate any type of ESD prior to working top top a laptop?Touch a non-painted metallic surface ar on the laptop58What need to be excellent after reassembling a laptop, but before installing the battery or AC adapter?Gently shiver the laptop come ensure nothing is loose inside the the case59Which component might be considered a field replaceable unit (FRU)?All of the above: hard drive, strength supply, and also LCD screen60Which of the complying with statements regarding working within a laptop computer is true?When upgrading a laptop, you have to use contents that space the same brand as the laptop, or use just recommended components.61When is it it s okay to touch the within of a computer system that is turned on?When using a multimeter to measure voltage output62A mechanism will always require what power connector?P1 strength connector63When remove screws while functioning on a laptop, what have to be done v the screws?They have to be save on computer or labeled64When taking care of motherboards, cards, or drives, which statement is not accurate?You need to not hold expansion cards through the edges65What is the very an initial step that must be taken when performing work-related with a computer?You should ago up any kind of important data66Sometimes a plank may have an extra PCIe power connector. This connector comes in what two different pin numbers?8-pin and 6-pin67What space two resources that might be valuable in disassembling a laptop computer?User and also Service manual68What two tools in a computer should be considered “black boxes”, and should never ever be opened, early out to threats involving charged capacitors?Monitor and Power Supply69What 2 laptop manufacturers provide their company manuals online complimentary of charge?Lenovo and also Dell70If the PC-Doctor software program is installed on a computer’s difficult drive, what two various ways have the right to the regimen be started?Press function crucial during startup sequence& Start food selection shortcut71controls power to the motherboard, need to be connected to power the computer up.Power SW72a connector ~ above a motherboard that consists of pins that stick increase from the boardFront panel header73positive / an unfavorable LED the controls the power light and indicates the strength is onPower LED +/-74controls the drive task light ~ above the former panel the lights up when any kind of SATA or IDE an equipment is in useHDD LED75keeps the motherboard from poignant the caseSpacer76switch provided to reboot a computerReset SW77you clip it to the side of the computer case to dissipate any charge between you and also the computerESD Strap78a form of connector that should be lifted increase in order to be disconnectedZIF connector79a file from the manufacturer that defines how to disassemble a deviceService Manual80a connector on the motherboard that allows the insertion that a cardExpansion Slot