Marvelous Machinery: Steam-powered Giants

Steam engines were the structure of the industrial Revolution. For nearly 120 years, steam-powered locomotives to be the backbone that commerce, hauling passengers as well as cargo throughout the joined States. Today, 3 of this “iron horses” are preserved, maintained, and also operated in Georgetown and also Silver Plume, Colorado. Our engines carry out not burn coal for fuel but rather on recycle waste oil and corn oil. Background Colorado and Historic Rail Adventures are pleased come share these train treasures through the public and also welcomes your assistance as a rider and also in their preservation efforts.

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About Georgetown…

Beginning in the late 1880s, the community and the Georgetown Loop become a tourist center for those who ventured West to encounter the wild ruggedness and romance. Travel in the West developed about railroad excursions. With 7 trains a job running out of Denver at the height of that is popularity, the Georgetown Loop to be Colorado’s scenic “must see” and also a deal at just $3 round-trip. Guidebooks, pamphlets and postcards aided send the pictures of the steep canyons and mountain peaks easily accessible by train throughout the nation.

“The previous silver mining camp along Clear Creek in the Front variety of the Rocky hills was created in 1859 throughout the Pike’s height Gold Rush. The commonwealth designated Georgetown-Silver Plume National historical District comprises Georgetown, the neighboring Town of silver Plume, and also the Georgetown Loop historical Mining & rail Park in between the 2 towns. The town population was 1,088 at the U.S. Census 2000.

“The town sits at an elevation of 8,530 feet (2,600 m), nestled in the hills near the upper end of the sink of clean Creek in the mountains west the Denver along Interstate 70. Back a little town today, the city was a historic center of the mining market in Colorado during the late 19th century, earning the nickname the ‘Silver Queen of Colorado’. It has evolved into a lively historic summer tourist center today with plenty of preserved structures from the heyday of the Colorado silver- Boom.”***From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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DEVIL’S gate DEPOT LOCATION646 Loop DriveGeorgetown, CO 80444

DIRECTIONS come DEVIL’S GATE:From I-70, take departure 228 come Georgetown.If you are on I-70 West, take a left turn off the ramp. If you room on I-70 East, take a right off the ramp. From here, take it the an initial right at the roundabout. This is Argentine Street. Follow Argentine until you reach a fork in the road. Continue to be to the right and the roadway will end at the Devil’s door Depot.

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silver- PLUME DEPOT LOCATION825 rail AvenueSilver Plume, CO 80476

DIRECTIONS TO silver- PLUME DEPOT:From I-70, take leave 226.If you room on I-70 West, take it a left in ~ the stop sign and also go under the interstate. If you room coming indigenous I-70 East, take it a best at the off ramp. The silver Plume Depot will certainly be on your left just past I-70.The silver- Plume terminal is closed indigenous October 09 through the end of the 2020 season.