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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

This 43,668 square foot office structure for the Citizenship and also Immigration solutions branch that the department of Homeland defense through the U.S. Basic Services administration (GSA) is located in Orlando, Florida, near the Orlando international Airport. The Citizenship and also Immigration services is leased on a 15-year gross lease. The Citizenship and Immigration services (CIS) Orlando office represents a brand-new prototype for this agency of the commonwealth Government. The structure is a new single story LEED (Leadership in Energy and also Environmental Design) silver- Certified facility, standard in accordance through the Green building Rating device of the U.S. Green structure Council. This facility is created of a masonry fill bearing and structural steel/bar joist shell, TPO roof system, and also stucco exterior. Features include classification 2 Blast Rating the the structure, exterior glazing systems, and doors; category 2 hydraulic vehicular accessibility control devices; and high protection controlled access to lot of the building. Finishes the note include sunflower board, bamboo, cork flooring, polished concrete, and other low emitting materials.

Strategically positioned in the center of Florida, the Orlando MSA is made up of 4,012 square miles or 2.6 million acres. The MSA consists of 4 counties: Osceola, Orange, Lake and Seminole. There are countless lakes scattered throughout the region, and also the topography is generally flat with few impediments to development. Orlando is world-renowned because that its tropical climate and relaxed lifestyle. The Orlando MSA is comprised of Osceola, Orange, Lake and Seminole counties. If Orange is the largest county in the MSA, with 1.03 million people, Osceola has been the faster growing, through its population more than doubling because 1990. Orlando is the MSA" s biggest city, with a populace of 204,000. Other prominent municipalities incorporate Kissimmee (60,000), with a vast motel complex serving adjacent Disney World, Sanford (46,000), a departure point for Amtrak" s Auto Train to Washington, D.C., and Winter Springs (35,000), well-known for that 19th-century mansions.


15-Year gross Lease in a LEED silver Certified Facility developed in 2008 gives Secure Office an are for Ceremonial and administration Functions category 2 Blast Rating the the Structure, internet Café, and High-Security an innovation Features near Proximity come the Orlando global Airport, and also Numerous Hotels and Restaurants Prime location at the Nexus that Two farming Corporate Office Parks, class A Lee Vista and Corporate Centre, and also within a half Mile the all significant Ancilla just Minutes indigenous State course 436, and also the main East-West Thoroughfare Beachline Expressway

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repertoire Street overcome Street traffic Volume Year distance
Corporate centre Boulevard Lee Vista Blvd 4,620 2020 0.06 mi
Tpc Dr Lee Vista Blvd 4,884 2020 0.23 mi
Lee Vista Blvd Swissco Dr 19,553 2020 0.23 mi
Goldenrod Road State Hwy 551 12,454 2020 0.53 mi
Bent pine Drive Augusta national Dr 5,122 2020 0.58 mi
S Goldenrod Rd Escambia Ave 15,113 2020 0.61 mi
Lee Vista Blvd Perfect Dr 6,140 2014 0.72 mi
Hazeltine nationwide Drive Mill Cove Ln 1,406 2020 0.74 mi
Hazeltine nationwide Dr Mill Cove Ln 1,526 2020 0.76 mi
S Semoran Blvd Lee Vista Blvd 19,589 2014 0.78 mi