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The all new Regal Riviera stadion 8 was standing on the site of the lengthy lost, jazz-era Riviera Theatre. Over there are approximately 2000 seats divided between the eight auditoriums. Regal’s Riviera opened on august 31, 2007, and also is the first new downtown cinema in Knoxville due to the fact that the Roxy Theatre was built in the 1930’s. Regal partnered with the city that Knoxville to finance the around twelve million dollar facility.

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With two “golden age” theatres on the same street (the Tennessee q.v. And the Bijou q.v.), both pure jewels of your type, unfavorable comparisons in between them and also this new facility room going to be challenging to avoid.

In the brand-new Regal Riviera, the architects have made conscious references to movie palace style. To it is in charitable, we hope the designer’s hand was constrained by budget here, not lack of talent. The E.I.F.S. Facade aspiring come Rapp & Rapp grandure achieves one effect an ext like a teenager in a powder blue tux: we have the right to squirm at the naive attempt at formality and also still be proud of the kid. It really is a genuine joy to have a movie theatre in downtown again, also if the looks a tiny silly trying so hard and also so unsuccessfully come imitate the elders. Absolutely the Regal Riviera has an ext joie d"vivre 보다 Chattanooga’s unfortunate Carmike Bijou parking garage/bus station/movie theatre constructed in the critical decade.

The brand-new Riviera has a heavy, E.I.F.S. Marquee without changeable letter boards. The marquee’s underside is confronted with pressed-tin ceiling panels feather suspiciously victor on a vaguely (let me emphasize the word vaguely) neo-Baroque building. There is a handsome small vertical sign based on the architecture of the old Riviera’s. This new one has blue/white LED lamp cascading upward (!) making that look a little bit like a bubbling check tube. A new alley has been created to provide a walkway from happy Street to State Street and also the large State Street Garage where complimentary parking (with purchase of a movie ticket) is available. Triple escalators help with the elevation adjust down come State Street.

Possibly many surprising and most disappointed is the the main facade has actually been collection back indigenous the sidewalk about five feet. The next walls job to the traditional building line producing a facade in antis and also hiding the vertical authorize from view except when stand on the opposite next of gay Street. The is reported in the local file that this was a zoning requirement, but if so, a variance should have been forthcoming for such a influential building.

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Knoxville is the residence of Regal Cinemas and also the new Regal Riviera stadion 8 provides a fine new theatre offer the downtown, southern Knoxville and also near eastern sides. If the style is less than stellar, the initiative to more strengthen an area that was till quite recently blighted, much more than provides up for the building’s aesthetic shortcomings.