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I was sent 3 different blades for 2 different circular witnessed sizes that ns don’t have, so I had actually to walk buy some brand-new toys simply to be able to review them. Ns a substantial fan of Diablo blades, all day every day, so i was excited to break this out and also test them.

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The 3 chisels I’m using today room the 6 1/2-inch 24-tooth frame (wood) blade, the 6 1/2-inch 32-tooth metal/wood blade, and also the 5 1/2-inch 18-tooth frame (wood) blade. I have several 7 1/4” one saws but no 6 1/2” or 5 1/2” saws, so I went to the Depot and bought among each. More tools? Hell ya!

6 1/2-inch 24-tooth framing Blade


The Claim:

Compatible with any type of 6-1/2″ corded or cordless one saw

Cut hardwood, 2x lumber, push treated, osb & laminated beams

5x life, 2x durablility, 65% much more cuts per charge


From house Depot.com:

This Diablo 6-1/2 in. Witnessed Blade to produce accurate, smooth cuts on framing products without bogging down your power tool. Also underpowered one saws can spin this 24-tooth experienced blade v precision many thanks to a super-thin kerf that minimizes material removal and produces fast, clean swaths. A Perma-SHIELD nonstick coating reduces traction while stabilizer vents absorb noise and vibration to save the blade right on rips and also cuts.

TiCo high-density titanium carbide composition boosts performance and maximizes cut life

Perma-SHIELD nonstick coating reduce drag and also shields the blade versus heat and friction

Laser-cut stabilizer vents absorb noise and vibration, keeping the tongue straight and true for superior quality cuts

Designed to fit 5/8 in. Arbors for precise blade rotation

Ultra-slim kerf gives fast, clean cuts through minimal material removal, appropriate for underpowered saws top top a task site



This is a an excellent blade for cutting lumber. Ns love that Diablo adds small vent cut-outs top top their blades that reduce heat and aid with vibration. The experienced cuts very well, and I have actually yet to reach the limit of it’s cut ability. That carbide, and also it’s a wood blade so i imagine these this will continue to be sharp for a really long time.

6 1/2-inch 32-tooth Metal and Wood Blade


The claim:

Optimized for every corded and cordless saws

Industry’s first multi-purpose blade because that cutting wood and also metal

TiCo Carbide because that durability in wood/ metal cutting applications


From home Depot.com:

Diablo’s new 6-1/2 in. Wood and Metal observed blade is the industry’s first multi-purpose observed blade for cutting clean wood and wood through nails, as much as 2 product thickness; and metal varying from 3/32-1/4 wall surface thickness and 1/4-1 in. Dia. The flexibility of these brand-new blades offers the capacity to usage the same blade to cut wood and metal so now users can focus on completing the job an ext efficiently rather than wasting time with an altering tools and also saw blades. The Diablo do TiCo carbide tips, which are specially designed because that this blade, coupled v the knives Chamber-Alternate Tooth design (C-ATB) tooth design provides influence resistance because that cutting wood through nails and the trust for developing clean, burr cost-free cuts in metal. Optimized because that corded and cordless saws, this new blade cuts 2X lumber, wood v nails, angle iron, channel, flat bar, steel studs and threaded rod.

Specially recipe Diablo TiCo carbide withstands impact, to reduce wear and also lasts longer in wood and metal cut applications

Chamfer-alternate peak bevel (C-ATB) tooth architecture cleanly shears through wood while giving the durability essential for clean, burr-free cut in metal

Cuts up to 2 product thickness in clean wood and also wood through nail cut applications

Cuts 3/32-1/4 wall thickness in stole studs, channel, angle iron, pipe, tubing, plate and also bar stock

Cuts 1/4-1 in. Dia threaded rod

Wood through nails and also the to trust for creating clean, burr cost-free cuts in metal

I’ve never ever been maybe to reduced conduit or uni-strut with a circular experienced before, so it’s pretty outstanding that they currently make metal-cutting circular-saw blades. I will warn you, however, the the speed of this saw can be dangerous once cutting metal. Any kind of spinning observed blade is going to kick out sharp, hot material – so as soon as cutting metal it is very easy to acquire hot, sharp metal shards embedded in her eyeball or skin, as has happened to civilization I work approximately on jobs. Make certain you defend yourself and wear suitable PPE, especially when cut metal. No joke, i will only use this blade v a face-shield, long sleeves, and gloves now.

5 1/2-inch 18-tooth frame Blade


The Claim:

Use v cordless arbor saws because that smooth cut on frame materials

Includes 3 bushings to fit 1/2 in., 5/8 in., 10 and 20 mm saws

TiCo Hi-Density Carbide because that 40x much longer life than standard blades


From residence Depot.com:

Diablo’s rapid framing saw blades produce accurate, smooth cuts on framing products without bogging under your cordless saws battery. This 20 mm arbor experienced blade includes 3 extr bushings that enable your tongue to likewise fit top top 1/2 in., 5/8 in. Or 10 mm arbor saws. These blades feature Diablo make TiCo Hi-Density Carbide engineered specifically to maximize life, performance and durability in wood cutting applications. The thin kerf body minimizes product removal and also requires much less cutting power, moving fast, clean rips and cuts.

Diablo do TiCo hi-density carbide particularly designed for framing applications to carry out maximum performance and also life

Advanced laser cut thin kerf blade gives exceptionally fast, effortless cuts in cordless saws

Laser-cut stabilizer vents trap noise and vibration maintaining the tongue cool and reducing tongue warp

Non-stick Perma-Shield coating reduces gumming, rusting and also corrosion

Optimized for 1/2 in., 5/8 in., 10 mm and 20 mm cordless saws

Compatible v Makita (5/8 in. Arbor), Black and Decker (1/2 in. Arbor), Ryobi (10 mm arbor), porter cable (10 mm arbor) and Craftsman (10 mm arbor)

Ideal because that hardwoods, softwoods, 2X lumber, pressure-treated lumber, OSB, plywood and also laminated beams



If you’ve obtained a min-circular observed that have the right to fit a 5 1/2-inch blade, this is a perfect little wood-saw blade. Ns now have every size circular saw you deserve to buy, and also with this blade ns able to use my M12 Milwaukee cordless witnessed – i beg your pardon is much reduced power than many of my various other size, as result of the tiny batteries. However it also is among the lightest one saws i own, which as soon as light-weight and compact is those needed, this is now my go-to blade and also saw combo.

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Diablo makes, hands-down, the best blades the end there. They to be bought the end by a firm named Freud who renders some of the ideal industrial (large) saw blades on the market, and also having an unified their technologies, they currently make light and also heavy building and construction products. I just use Diablo. Yes, they’re a little more expensive than other brands, however that cost is the difference you acquire in quality and also innovation. I’m ok spending more to obtain the finest with mine blades. 5 the end of 5 stars for every 3 that these.

For more detailed info on these chisels here are the web links to every of them:

6 1/2-inch 24-tooth framing Blade6 1/2-inch 32-tooth Metal and also Wood Blade5 1/2-inch 18-tooth frame Blade

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