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collection Street cross Street website traffic Volume Year distance
I- 10 N 51st Ave 18,230 2015 0.11 mi
I- 10 N 51st Ave 10,880 2017 0.17 mi
I- 10 N 51st Ave 10,232 2018 0.17 mi
N 51st Ave I- 10 52,051 2020 0.19 mi
North 51st Avenue W Latham St 59,398 2020 0.20 mi
N 51st Ave I- 10 46,756 2020 0.21 mi
North 51st Avenue I- 10 54,247 2020 0.22 mi
N 51st Ave W Willetta St 46,984 2020 0.31 mi
Papago Freeway N 51st Ave 246,019 2020 0.31 mi
N 51st Ave W Willetta St 46,558 2020 0.34 mi


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