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Lot dimensionsSubscribe
Lot sqft34,000
Buildings top top lot1
Property classPost Office (Z3)
Year built1931
Building Sq. Ft.Subscribe

Ownership Information

Owner name, mailing address and phone call numbers because that 46-02 21st Street, lengthy Island City. Because that LLC-owned properties, watch who is behind the LLC, manually researched by ours team. We space calling NYC residential property owners come verify that phone numbers with the ideal person. Find out an ext about genuine owners and also phone numbers.

Building contacts because that 46-02 21st Street, lengthy Island City
Building management: 
Representatives (from permits): 
Registered voters: 

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Neighborhood:Hunters Point
School district:30
Commercial Units:1
Maximum floor area ratio:Subscribe
Available wait rights:Subscribe

Closest Police station: 1.29 miles
Closest Fire station: 0.14 miles
Certificate the occupancy:Subscribe

Title files for 46-02 21st Street, lengthy Island City

Records go ago to 1966 and also include the complete history of deeds, mortgages, assignments that leases and rents, and more! Plus, record images room one-click away.

Data not available for this property.

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Property Taxes because that 46-02 21st Street, lengthy Island City

Access in-depth property taxes data for 46-02 21st Street, long Island City. Tax information included: residential or commercial property tax, industry value and also assessed value, exemptions, abatements, and assessment history.

Assessment background for 46-02 21st Street, long Island City

Here"s the evaluate & residential or commercial property tax history for 46-02 21st Street, long Island City, consisting of the evolution of the full tax rate and corresponding residential property tax.

YearBuilding classMarket valueAssessed valueTaxableTax rate%Base taxProperty tax

Permits for 46-02 21st Street, lengthy Island City

Assess the problem of a residential property with accessibility to the background of permits filed, including brand-new construction or demolition permits, plus any type of work pertaining come plumbing, heating, sprinkler systems, and more! Data goes back to 1990.

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Hunters point residential market stats

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