At position Specific, we think there space 10 tactical formations/systems in football. 5 equipment with 4 players on the defensive line and 5 systems with 3 players on the defensive line. Every system has a protective unit and an attack unit.

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Over the next 10 blogs, us will talk about each device in depth. In this particular blog, we will be talking around the 1-4-2-2-2 system.

The system that will certainly suit her team the many will depend a lot on your players and also their profiles. For example you might have more midfield players suitable to play centrally in her squad therefore a system with 3 players in midfield might be much more suitable, or you could have 2 out and out centre forwards for this reason a system that has actually 2 players on the highest possible attacking line may be a better fit.

Formations v 4 football player on the protective Line
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THE 1-4-2-2-2


The 1-4-2-2-2 system is an additional interesting and complex structure make it somewhat of a rarity in football. The formation has 4 players on the defensive line, 4 players in the midfield and also 2 center forwards.

Similar come the 1-4-3-1-2 the 1-4-2-2-2 midfield is what provides the system distinct as it is collection up in a square shape with 4 players. The development has a 2 deep-lying defensive midfielders and two attacking midfielders greater up the pitch forming the square. This collection up again does no have large players because of this the width often tends to come from the 2 full-backs pushing front to join attacks. The 1-4-2-2-2 this mechanism usually deploys two out and also out centre forwards who stay high versus the oppositions protective line. The mechanism can provide a balance in the distribution of feasible moves and also can include a dynamic quality to midfield beat if well-coached.

This development can be described as the “Magic Rectangle” or “Magic Square”, the was offered by France under Michel Hidalgo in ~ the 1982 human being Cup and also in their successful Euro 1984 campaign. Later on Carlos Alberto Parreira used the device on the odd occasion through Brazil in ~ the 1998 people Cup and also most newly by Manuel Pellegrini with minimal success in Chile and Spain with real Madrid.

The development is carefully related come a 1-4–4–2 previously used by Fernando Riera, Pellegrini’s mentor, tracing it earlier to Chile in 1962 who is said to have embraced it native Albert Batteux at the Stade de Reims in France in the 1950s.

The talented Colombian national Team in the 90’s provided the 1-4-2-2-2 but floated in between a box in midfield and also a diamond in one more variation which the noted and interesting duration in southern America with many teams trying come emulate your success.

France nationwide Team – 1986



Using 4 players in midfield centrally allows a team playing this mechanism to control main areas the the key both in possession and also out of possession. In Possession the dynamics in midfield makes it very awkward because that the the opposite to deal with.

The possibility to have actually 2 centre forwards straight up versus 2 centre backs is an additional strength of this set up developing 2v2 situations and a continuous threat on the counter-attack. Play 2 centre forwards slightly broader can also sometimes accounting the oppositions full-backs as well.


While overcoming in central areas in possession the 1-4-2-2–2 system have the right to keep the game very compact without any natural width high up the pitch and also the full-backs have to be yes, really athletic to join in attacks and be able to recover to defend. The midfield players have to be really athletic together well and also technically very an excellent in tight central spaces.

Out that possession, the opposition can exploit the space in vast areas and also the 2v1 opportunities against your full-backs specifically if your midfield football player cannot acquire out to assist quickly enough.

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‘Deeply flawed’ and also ‘suicidal’ are terms regularly used to describe the 1-4-2-2-2 formation.

System Flexibility

Each mechanism we will comment on in this collection of blogs naturally drifts into one more system in possession throughout a match. In this case, 1-4-3-1–2 naturally drifts right into a 1-3-3-1-2 system when one of the full-backs moves forward into wing-back place with part of the midfield unit flattening out or the defensive midfielder drops onto the protective line relocating both full-backs forward. Please usage the link listed below to watch the video of this system flexibility: