Lifetime guarantee - every one of Performance Accessories parts are backed by a life time Warranty. They keep in mind that: it is unlikely the you will experience a problem with a power Accessories product, yet if you do, we will change the part complimentary of charge.

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Features offers 3-inches of background without editing and enhancing existing suspension components allows use of larger diameter tires and also factory rims for enhanced ground clearance walk NOT change the OEM suspension geometry or manufacturing facility stability manage parameters Maintains the manufacturing facility smooth ride Keeps the truck s center of gravity lower than a equivalent suspension lift extr Information:Fiberglass reinforced nylon body blocksCNC machined and also zinc plated steering extensionLaser cut and powder coated relocation bracketsLaser cut and zinc plated fittings and bracketsHigh stamin hardware includedMade in the U.S.A.

Performance accessories 3-inch body Lift Kit PN-60203 raises the car for adding larger diameter tires, without transforming the manufacturing facility suspension system and also OE journey characteristics. The kit consists of high press fiberglass reinforced nylon background blocks, 3/16 customs thick laser cut and powder coated bumper relocation brackets, a CNC machined and zinc plated steering extension, high stamin hardware, and extension brackets.

A collection of urethane wheel-well expansions ((Gap security PN-6627)) are available separately, and also are provided to conceal any gaps in between the body and frame. This system have the right to be mounted in 5-6 hours and also comes complete with everything important for installation.

Performance accessories suspension and body background kits space American engineered and manufactured elevator that space designed to offer the desired height there is no throwing turn off suspension geometry and center the gravity.

Most people lift your trucks or SUVs to increase ride height and also make room for bigger tires or wheels, however a poorly design lift kit deserve to negatively influence how her ride handles and also the expectancy of your suspension, steering, and even her tires. Performance Accessories designs their body and also suspension lift kit to save your drive smooth and also your components and tires from wearing prematurely. In fact, these kits have so little affect on the OE suspension and also electronic stability control that the OE warranty will certainly still it is in valid.



One the the best ways to lift a automobile is combining a human body lift and also a tiny suspension background or leveling kit. Performance Accessories sells combination kits that incorporate the correct body and also suspension lifts to give you the balance of the maximum height and the best ride possible.

Performance equipment lift kits room made of durable materials and also include all of the hardware and also bracketry plus detailed instructions which permit most kit to be mounted in the median garage. This kits also carry a restricted lifetime warranty which our beneficial customer company folks deserve to handle for you as soon as you buy indigenous DST. If you require tire space and ride height increase, however want to keep your vehicle"s handling and also ride characteristics the same, then power Accessories is a an excellent option.

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Question:Will the performance Accessories part number PA60203 work on the 2017 ram 1500 4x4 gas model?Answer:The kit power Accessories part number PA60203 will fit the 2017 lamb 1500 4x4 gas design only.
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