Beginning ~ above Tuesday, in march 9, 2021,the Recycle and Reuse Drop-off facility has reopened, by appointment only, adhering to a short-term closuredue come COVID-19 security concerns. The center will resume its accept of tough to recycle item such together Styrofoam and plastic film, and also household hazardous waste.Austin/Travis County inhabitants canschedule a drop-off time.

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2514 service Center Drive Austin 78744 (Map)

Please examine the city"s website for hrs of operation and also materials accepted.

The City of Austin Recycle & Reuse Drop-off center is open up to City that Austin and also Travis County citizens to safe dispose hazardous waste. Pouring chemicals down the drain, dumping them on the ground or placing them in the garbage is dangerous and harmful to the environment.


The facility will certainly dispose of up to 30 gallons of hazardous waste generated in the home free of charge. If a residents brings much more than 30 gallons that hazardous waste, they may be charged at cost for the handle of the extra waste. The price of disposal varies, depending on the material. However, the price is sometimes higher than the initial purchase price. Please do not lug items in containers with more than 5 gallons the capacity.

You have the right to find much more information around hazardous waste, including the list of family members hazardous garbage items space accepted and also what items are not accepted, ~ above the city"s website. If friend have any type of questions girlfriend can call the basic at (512) 974-4343 or email Travis County employee at .


Austin ReBlend

Did you recognize that your leftover paint have the right to be re-blended with other paint and also is accessible for your use … and also right now it"s free! Talk about a great way to store hazardous waste the end of the landfill and also get a great deal on paint.

Re-Blended paint:

Helps keep repaint out the landfillsConserves water used to make new paintPrevents air pollution from the mining and also extraction of raw materialsMoves Austin further toward the zero garbage goal

You have the right to find an ext information about hazardous waste, including the list of household hazardous rubbish items are accepted and also what items space not accepted, ~ above the city"s website. If friend have any questions you deserve to email or call the basic at (512) 974-4343 or email Travis County employee at .

Other Recycling & Disposal

The Recycling & garbage Drop-off Locator tool identifies drop-off areas for recycling or appropriate disposal of items such as recyclables, paint and paint-related waste, furniture, tires, electronics, building and construction debris, and more. Search for drop-off locations near you. If you an alert a location has actually closed or no longer accepts particular items, click the details “i” switch in the optimal right edge of the locator device to let united state know.

Go to the Recycling and Waste Drop-off Locator page.

Travis county 1431 Citizens arsenal Center


2625 Woodall DrLeander, TX 78613

Hours of Operation

8:00 am-3:45 afternoon Thursday-Saturday(Closed Sunday-Wednesday)




$5 every cubic garden (roughly the size of a pick-up bed) Cash or examine only (no credit transaction cards)

Materials Accepted

Household garbage just (no big items such together mattresses or furniture, tires, hazardous rubbish items, or building and construction debris)

COVID-19 Protocols

Make sure to undertake a mask once dropping off items at the repertoire Center and if you have any type of COVID-19 symptoms, remain at home.

Prescription Takeback Kiosks

RX Drop-Off Locations

Medication Drop-off

Safely dispose the unused or expired prescription medicines, including regulated substances.

Travis county Constable, Precinct 5 1003 Guadalupe St. Hours: Monday with Friday 8:00 to be to 5:00 pm

Only medications from individuals have the right to be accepted. Inventory indigenous a pharmacy or healthcare facility is no accepted.

Safe, Secure, and Anonymous

Simply to walk up and also put her medication right into the collection bin. You do not need to answer any questions. The bin is secured come the ground and also double-locked because that security. Employee periodically empty the bin and also the contents are incinerated. The bag is never opened, for this reason any an individual information left on medication bottles stays secure.

Accepted ItemsPills, tablets, capsulesBlister packsOintments and also creamsInhalers and nebulizer solutionsLiquid medications
Items no AcceptedNeedles or syringesThermometersHome-based care equipmentVitaminsTrash



Proper Usage

Over-the-counter medications and supplements perform not should be dropped off in the bins. They can safely go in the trash.If who cannot do the trip to a collection bin, they deserve to dispose of prescription medicine in the trash by adhering to these guidelines:Empty medicine containers into a seal-able bag or a disposable container v a lid.Mix the drugs v an undesirable substance, together as provided coffee grounds or cat litter and seal the container.Place container in the trash.Conceal or remove any an individual information, consisting of the prescription (Rx) number, on the empty containers and recycle them.Illegal drugs cannot it is in disposed of in the arsenal bins.SecurityThe bag within the repertoire bin is immediately sealed prior to the bin have the right to be opened. This stays clear of staff native accessing any type of of the contents.The bags room shipped come the agency that gives the service and also they incinerate it.

Christmas Tree Recycling


After the holidays give your Christmas tree an additional life! beginning December 26th until January 10th Travis County will provide cost-free Christmas tree recycling drop-off locations for Travis ar residents. because that years Travis county has noted tree recycling for citizens who to buy live Christmas trees. Before dropping off her tree you re welcome follow the disposal requirements detailed below to ensure trees have the right to be mulched and recycled. Over there is no fee for County residents to drop-off your trees so come by and recycle that tree!

Drop-off places are availableDecember 26th till January 10th, indigenous 7:00 am- 5:00 pm.

View the Christmas Tree Recycling flyer.

Tree Drop-off Locations

Tree handle Requirements

Only herbal trees are accepted (no plastic/artificial trees)Remove every ornaments, decorations, lights and also tree standsRemove every nails, staples, and also metalTrees sprayed through flocking, or man-made snow, are not acceptedDo not location the tree in a “tree bag” or any plastic bagTrees taller 보다 6ft should be cut in half

Travis county tree drop-off locations, or visit theCity that Austin’sTree Recycling webpage because that a perform of drop-off areas in the region.

City that Austin curbside customers can recycle your trees by leaving them at the curb top top their continuous collection day. All various other Austin residents have the right to drop trees turn off at Zilker Park. For an ext information ~ above Zilker Park drop-off, extr alternative drop-offs, and volunteer methods check out Zilker Park Drop-offs.

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Recycle holiday lights the no longer work at the Recycle and Reuse Drop-off facility located at 2514 company Center Dr (Map). They can also accept vacation packagings such as Styrofoam and also cardboard.