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This Seattle self-storage basic is located on 2400 first Avenue South. Browse through small, medium, and large self-storage units varying from 12 Sq. Ft. Come 240 Sq. Ft to uncover the ideal size for your needs. Watch photos and check out 1st Avenue me Storage - 2400 1st Avenue South"s position on the map to watch if the location is ideal for you. Prices for storage devices at 1st Avenue self Storage - 2400 first Avenue southern start as low together $65. As soon as you discover the ideal self-storage unit because that you, contact the home by phone or email to do a reservation. Get ready to cost-free up part space!
What type of amenities space available?

The facility uses the following amenities: 24 hour access, climate controlled, drive-up access, gate, indoor, onsite manager, parking and also security camera. An onsite manager will certainly be over there to aid you through your warehouse concerns.

What unit sizes are easily accessible at this warehouse facility?

This warehouse facility uses small, medium and huge self-storage units ranging from 12.00 square feet to 240.00 square feet to meet all your storage needs.

What is the price variety for a unit at this storage facility?

Prices because that storage devices at 1st Avenue me Storage - 2400 1st Avenue southern are between $65 and also $635.

whereby is this warehouse facility located?

This warehouse facility is located at 2400 1st Avenue South, Seattle, WA.

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