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It Is cheese Sundays every October - vision In her Shotgun Sundays indigenous 10a-3p



MN allow to carry Classes

Only $79.00 or Two people only $129.00Price includes; instruction, variety time & firearm rentalBook below >>

Tuesday females Night

Ladies only Intro come Pistol course 6pmTaught by women for women -Only $49.00

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Current Specials

We lug all major brands that ammo, guns, and accessories both in keep & online

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Friday date Night 5-7pm

Couples shoot because that $23.95

Includes one pistol rental

*rental requires ammo purchase.

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Our 25 garden 20 lane variety is Rifle & Pistol rated for all calibers & functions a organize of amenities including private bays.

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Classes & Training

We have countless firearm training classes including Minnesota Multi State allow to bring & Ladies just Classes.

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Services & Repair

We market firearm cleaning & repair including sight & limit mounting and zeroing services.

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We carry all significant brands that ammo, guns, and also accessories. You can buy digital with same day pickup.

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FFL Transfers*

Members Pay only $ 25.00 - Platinum Members Get complimentary Transfers

*items left over 10 days will certainly be charged storage fee, after 180 days will be considered abandoned.

For plenty of American families, learning to shoot a total is a rite the passage. If you’re looking for a family-friendly total range, then come visit Osseo Gun club & agree Shop in the Minneapolis, MN, area.

Osseo Gun society & agree Shop is more than simply a total store and also shooting range — we’re committed to offering fun-filled firearm training for all varieties of ability levels in the shooting sport and also Minnesota Multi State permit-to-carry classes. Our 25 garden indoor gun range is rated because that both rifles and also pistols and we are open to the public.

We have actually several classrooms; in addition to ours 25-yard, 20-lane variety facility; and a lounge area through refreshments and snacks. From our digital firearm cultivate simulator room with real-life scenarios to our LE/Security cultivate Facility, you’ll have the ability to shoot in a variety of situations.

About Osseo pistol Club

We offer Minnesota Multi State permit-to-carry classes along with classes for any type of age and skill level, including:

Private instructionMinnesota Multi State allow to bring classesAdvance bring ClassesLadies only intro come pistol & permit to carryIntro come Pistol 1 & 2Parent and also child intro to firearmsFirearm safetyIntro come rifleShoot/no shootOur great are obtainable on countless different dates and times to fit any kind of schedule.

Come Visit our Gun Store

In addition to our classes, Osseo Gun club & ProShop likewise sells a selection of guns, consisting of handguns, rifles, and also shotguns. We’re likewise stocked with several accessories and also ammo — whether you’re trying to find a new rifle or pistol or a brand-new scope, we deserve to help. Browse our an option online or come visit our store.

If you need your pistol serviced or cleaned, Osseo Gun club & ProShop have the right to help. We market gunsmithing services onsite. Bring your pistol in today to find out more. Choose Up & autumn Off hrs are Tues & Saturdays noon it rotates 5 pm.

Take advantage of ours Leagues

For virtually 7 years, our woman-owned business has readily available a selection of leagues. Among our most famous is our all-female league A Girl & A total league. If you want to shoot v women that share her interests and also love of shoot sports, visit Osseo Gun society & pro Shop.

If you want to carry your sweetheart, then check out our couple’s league. Boost your skills in one of our combat pistol, 22 collection or IDPA leagues. Nevertheless of your skill level, we have a organization for you.

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For much more Information

For much more information about our services, or to sign up because that a class or league, contact our team at (763) 269-6914. We look forward to helping you.

Hours of Operation

Mondays close up door (League Only)Tues-Sat 10am-6:00pm (Fridays open till 7pm)Sun 10am-4pm