Ever since Atlanta rapper 21 Savage burst onto the rap scene, two things have been the topic of discussion, his gang affiliation and his knife tattoo directly between his eyes. During a interview earlier this year he was asked the meaning behind “his cross tattoo” and he replied “it’s a knife.” The response went viral of course, because many of us did believe it was a cross and not a knife.

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Earlier today(9/20), he posted a video on Snapchat and all his face tattoo’s appeared to be absent.

“Just got all my tattoos removed, man” 21 Savage said in the clip. “Changed man now. I’m finna go to church.”

21 savage is a changed man… believe or disbelieve? pic.twitter.com/5CDt5hvwqc

— Daily Wavez (
TheDailyWavez) September 20, 2016

After that video surfaced, and f course the internet went into a frenzy and wondered did he really get them removed. But it’s kinda hard to believe, he was just at the BET hip hop awards this weekend and all his tats where in tact, so i’m going with make up for a film role or something. Tattoo removal takes at least 8 sessions, The FADER reached out to the rapper’s team to get confirmation that the tattoos were actually gone. His manager simply replied with a “no comment.”


Taurian BlakeneySep 20, 2016
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