With the calendar shifting right into springtime, there promises to it is in many more opportunities to hook up your camper or trailer because that a day out on the trails. If you a proud owner of a brand-new Ford supervisor Duty model, opportunities are the comes v a 5th wheel prep package developed in – this means that all you need to do is attach a compatible hitch come it so that you can get your hauls secured easily. So, today we desire to show you few of the finest compatible hitches for the 2019 Ford at sight Duty fifth Wheel prep Package. Come inspect them out!

Ford super Duty 5th Wheel Hitch Information and also Power Ratings

Ford itself offers plenty of good accessories to acquire you started. Its OEM 5th Wheel hitch kit (see order parts below) has actually a GTWR of up to 27,500 pounds and pin weight rating of 6,250 pounds; this hitch kit likewise comes v a forged jaw, head support structure, vertical height adjustment, and side-to-side pivot capabilities come hook up your trailers an ext easily. A 14-16.5 customs vertical height adjuster and extended-length take care of may also help with this.

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Keep in mind, however, the this hitch kit cannot be offered with drop-in bedliners or bed mats, which is miscellaneous you’ll must be mindful of if her Super Duty model has either. The great news is that every supervisor Duty native the 2011 model year to today in 2019 is able to have this kit set up into the 5th Wheel prepare Package!

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Besides the Ford OEM fifth wheel hitch, various other leading manufacturers such together Reese, Curt and B&W Companion have built hitches that are likewise compatible with existing Super Duty models.

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2019 Ford super Duty Diesel Engine performance Specs vs. Competition

With the appropriate towing and hitch packages equipped, the Ford super Duty heat is able come soar over the vain in just around every feasible regard. We’ve detailed its full capacities in the graph below, and how the at sight Duty household stacks up against its fiercest rivals from Chevrolet and RAM:

Model2019 at sight Duty F-250 / F-350 / F-4502019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD2018 lamb 25002019 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD2018 lamb 3500
Engine6.7L power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel6.6L Duramax V8 Turbo Diesel6.7L Cummins Inline 6 Turbo Diesel 6.6L Duramax V8 Turbo Diesel6.7L Cummins Inline 6 Turbo Diesel
Transmission6-speed TorqShift automatic6-speed automatic6-speed hand-operated or automatic6-speed automatic6-speed hand-operated or automatic / Alsin 6-speed automatic
Horsepower450 hp445 hp 350 / 370 hp 445 hp350 / 370 / 385 hp
Torque Output935 pound-feet910 pound-feet660 / 800 pound-feet910 pound-feet660 / 800 / 930 pound-feet
Highest traditional Tow Rating18,000 / 21,000 / 21,000 pounds14,400 pounds17,980 pounds20,000 pounds18,000 pounds
Highest fifth Wheel Tow Rating18,000 / 27,500 / 27,500 pounds18,100 pounds17,980 pounds23,100 pounds30,000 pounds
Highest Gooseneck Tow Rating18,500 / 32,000 / 35,000 pounds18,100 pounds17,980 pounds23,100 pounds31,210 pounds
Maximum Payload Capacity3,450 / 6,900 / 6,190 pounds3,204 pounds17,980 pounds5,518 pounds6,720 pounds
Maximum GCWR (When appropriately configured)25,700 / 40,000 / 43,300 pounds25,300 pounds25,300 pounds31,300 pounds39,100 pounds

How much does the Ford at sight Duty fifth Wheel prepare Package cost?

The OEM-certified prep package is an accessible add-on option from factory for your Super Duty model for $850 CAD. It offers 5th-Wheel and Gooseneck towing configurations, and also comes with a 7-pin wiring harness and also inner and also outer level frame brackets.

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The above Ford manufacturing facility installed 5th Wheel prepare Package can not be set up after her Super Duty arrives. Therefore be sure the parcel is on your truck. Every that’s left to execute is add the compatible hitch kit.

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Order components from ours Sherwood Ford service Centre

If you’re spring to gain a hitch package set up on your Ford pickup today, girlfriend are totally free to order components from our Sherwood Ford organization team by heading over to our virtual form. 

Use the complying with information come order:

18,000 lbs. Hitch Kit – fifth WheelPart No: BC3Z-19D520-C

We’ll get your desired accessories shipped best to ours dealership for easy pick up, and assist with installation if you’d favor it!