Saint cutting board Midtown Hospital 2000 Church Street Nashville, Tennessee 37276
Saint cutting board Midtown Hospital, previously Baptist Hospital, is a member that Saint cutting board Health and also Ascension, and also is the largest non profit hospital in middle Tennessee, licensed because that 685 acute and also rehabilitation beds. That has roughly 3,200 employees and also 1,000 medical professionals on staff. That is accredited by the joint Commission on Accreditation of health care Organizations and it has been called one that the optimal 100 hospitals in the nation, having received high ratings for numerous of that is services. The hospital is located near downtown Nashville.Saint cutting board Midtown Hospital was established in 1918 and has maintained its identity as a faith-based hospital, illustrated in that is mission statement as a “caring community committed to healing with love in the Christian tradition.” In beforehand 2002 Saint Thomas health and wellness System, a part of Ascension Healthcare, the nation’s biggest Catholic and also non benefit health care system, got then Baptist Hospital. The hospital, currently one the the four hospitals making up Saint Thomas wellness Services, is managed by Seton Corporation.The hospital is famed for its obstetrical care, which has a neonatal intensive care unit. It uses a broad spectrum of orthopedic services, a multidisciplinary neurosciences program, considerable community cancer program, and cardiac care, among others. Intensive care units care for persons v neuroscience, medical and also cardiac problems.Chaplains are on the prior lines that the treatment at Baptist. They work very closely together and with hospital staff. All job-related is considered sacred, and also all employees are considered partners, caregivers and servants in spirituality leadership. Employees space committed come bringing your “hearts and their heads” come work. Spirituality is promoted on all levels; thus, chaplains have a really special place, and also opportunities abound for discovering and an imaginative service.The pastoral care staff members represent a range of denominations.

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Currently the pastoral treatment department staff contains the director, bureaucratic assistant and staff chaplains.