The can be fried Court agrees to review Obama"s immigrant plan, sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump, and also more

On Tuesday The supreme Court claimed it would evaluation a challenge to president Obama"s executive activity that would potentially shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. Obama"s regimen would let human being who entered the nation illegally but are parents of citizen or lawful residents to stay and apply for work-related permits, listed they have been in the U.S. In ~ least 5 years and have no criminal record. Obama do the move since Congress failed come pass considerable immigration reform, but lower courts blocked it as soon as Texas and also 25 other GOP-led states sued, speak Obama overstepped his authority.

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Sarah Palin endorsed Republican frontrunner Donald trump in Iowa top top Tuesday, saying he is doing well because he is "going rogue." Trump stated he to be "greatly honored" to have the assistance of the former Alaska governor and 2008 angry presidential candidate. The assistance from Palin, a favorite of plenty of Tea Partiers, could aid Trump success over doubtful conservatives as he heads into the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses.

Taliban militants stormed a university in northwest Pakistan and killed at least 21 civilization on Wednesday. Dozens an ext were wounded. The fatality toll was meant to rise as army commandos sought victims and any remaining gunmen throughout the campus that the school, Bacha cannes University, in Charsadda, Peshawar. Umar Mansoor, a senior Pakistani Taliban commander who was behind a December 2014 student massacre in ~ a military-run school in surrounding Peshawar, asserted responsibility. The Pakistan Taliban"s central organization, however, condemned the attack.

Michigan Gov. Stack Snyder (R) apologized because that the city that Flint"s drinking-water crisis during his State of the State address Tuesday, saying, "I let you down," and promising, "We will fix it." "Government failure you in ~ the federal, state, and also local level," the said, speaking directly to residents of Flint. The city"s water became contaminated v lead after ~ an emergency manager appointed through Snyder in 2014 switched the city"s water source to the polluted Flint river to conserve money. The environmental Protection company said Tuesday the it was reviewing the government"s taking care of of the water emergency.

Ben Carson suspended his GOP presidential project events ~ above Tuesday and Wednesday after one of his campaign"s vans crashed in Iowa, killing a volunteer, 25-year-old Braden Joplin. Two other volunteers and a staffer to be treated at an area hospital and also released. Carson flew from southern Carolina to the Nebraska hospital wherein Joplin was rushed ~ the accident, praising him together a compassionate and also "amazing young man." Police claimed the driver that the van, a campaign staffer, lost control after hitting a job of ice cream while transforming lanes top top I-80. The valve flipped ~ above its side and also was fight by an additional car.

Netflix shares surged by much more than eight percent late Tuesday after ~ the video-streaming company reported fourth-quarter earnings that beat wall Street"s expectations. Netflix additionally added much more subscribers 보다 expected due to its expansion overseas. Netflix added 1.56 million new domestic subscribers in the last three months that 2015, slightly listed below its forecast of 1.65 million, but it had a total gain that 17 million subscribers together it launched its organization in 130 brand-new countries, putting it into a total of 190 nations.

A United countries report exit Tuesday claimed that 18,802 civilians were eliminated in Iraq between January 2014 and also October 2015. The U.N. Referred to as the toy fee "staggering," and also blamed much of the suffering on the Islamic State. In enhancement to the deaths, 36,245 civilians were injured, and also another 3.2 million — consisting of a million school-aged kids — were thrust from their houses. ISIS has killed civilians with bombs and also public beheadings, and also by to run them over with bulldozers or burning them alive. "These plot may, in part instances, amount to war crimes, crimes versus humanity, and also possibly genocide," the report said.

The Islamic State top top Tuesday confirmed that Mohammed Emwazi, the brother national known as Jihadi John, was eliminated in an airstrike last year. The vehicle Emwazi was riding in to be "targeted in a to win by an unmanned drone in the city the ar-Raqqah, damaging the car and killing that instantly," a media outlet associated with the Islamist extremist group reported. British element Minister David Cameron stated after the November airstrike that Emwazi, who was seen in videos reflecting the beheadings of western hostages, was a "barbaric murderer," and also the strikes by British and American drones to be "the appropriate thing to do."

A Greyhound bus i turned down on a wet California highway ramp top top Tuesday, killing two people and injuring at least nine others. The driver of the bus told police he was drowsy prior to the accident, which developed as many of the passengers slept. A passenger asserted the driver had nodded off. The bus left Los Angeles top top Monday night and was as result of stop in san Jose and also San Francisco prior to reaching Oakland.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has actually surged right into his biggest lead yet over autonomous presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton in new Hampshire, just three weeks front of the early-voting state"s primary, follow to a CNN/WMUR poll released Tuesday. Sanders now has a lead of 27 points, 60 percent come 33 percent. Sanders led Clinton 50 percent come 40 percent in a poll by CNN/WMUR in late-November/early December. Clinton won brand-new Hampshire"s 2008 democratic primary. Sanders, however, has actually been steadily structure momentum in the state, a neighborhood of his residence state.

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