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Property address1501 N success PlBurbank, CA 91502
CountyLos Angeles
Parcel ID2462017030
Legal descriptionPOR OF lots 1,2,4 TR=8729 and also POR that NE 1/4 of SEC 10 T1N R14W

Property classShopping center (Regional) - One Story (1600)
Buildings on lot24
Weed hazardNo
Year built2002
Square footage1,199,367

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Sales & Property history for 1501 North victory Place, Burbank

Sales history, mortgages, liens, and also pre-foreclosures for 1501 North success Place, Burbank. The finish property background is available in a solitary place, including buyer and seller information, thorough mortgage & lien records, distressed property records.

Title papers for 1501 North win Place, Burbank

Records go earlier to 1966 and also include the complete background of deeds, mortgages, assignments of leases and rents, and also more! Plus, scanned photos of document images space one-click away.

Property Taxes for 1501 North success Place, Burbank

Access comprehensive property tax data because that 1501 North victory Place, Burbank. Tax details included: building tax, market value and also assessed value, exemptions, abatements, and also assessment history.

Tax year:2021-2022
Property tax:$1,879,255

Land value:$54,930,026
Building value:$116,599,187
Market value:$171,529,213

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Special Assessments and Penalties because that 1501 North victory Place, Burbank

Abatements, financial assistance programs and also non-ad valorem taxes levied as unique taxes/direct assessments are applicable because that this property.

CodeDescriptionBill descriptionTax leviedPhone number
06181Greater L.A. Ar vector control districtLaco vectr CNTRL(800) 273-5167
03694LA county local park and open space districtRposd measure up a(833) 265-2600
03071Los angeles county overwhelming controlFlood control(626) 458-5165
00170Los angeles county trauma/emerg SRVSTrauma/emerg SRV(866) 587-2862
31011MWD water standby fee #5MWD standby #5(866) 807-6864
00177SafeClean water program capital measure W

Assessment background for 1501 North success Place, Burbank

Here"s the evaluate & property tax history for 1501 North victory Place, Burbank, consisting of the evolution of the full tax rate and corresponding home tax.

YearProperty classAssessment valueTotal tax rateProperty tax
2020-2021Shopping facility (Regional) - One Story$169,770,3931.095589$1,859,986
2019-2020Shopping center (Regional) - One Story$163,178,0041.083376$1,767,831
2018-2019Shopping facility (Regional) - One Story$159,978,4371.1007$1,760,830
2016-2017Shopping center (Regional) - One Story$153,766,2811.0905$1,676,755
2015-2016Shopping facility (Regional) - One Story$151,456,5701.0842$1,642,121
2014-2015Shopping center (Regional) - One Story$148,501,7941.1012$1,635,300
2012-2013Shopping center (Regional)$145,054,9621.0947$1,587,850
2011-2012Shopping facility (Regional)$142,210,7481.0892$1,548,927
2010-2011Shopping center (Regional)$141,147,9051.0901$1,538,677
2009-2010Shopping center (Regional)$141,483,2221.0716$1,516,170
2008-2009Shopping facility (Regional)$138,709,0421.069406$1,483,363

Assess the condition of 1501 North win Place, Burbank by city hall the background of patent filed. Permits encompass info top top any form of work-related done in the building, including construction or demolition, plumbing, heating, sprinkler solution improvements, and also many more.

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Burbank residential market stats

View a in-depth real estate industry overview that Burbank and also check out present trends, residence values, types of nature sold and also transaction volume. Check out the median home sale price in Burbank and compare the to other cities in Los Angeles County.