The world got a first look in ~ 149 Kent avenue in March, as soon as an illustration the the mid-rise apartment structure soon come rise near the Northside Williamsburg waterfront to be posted come the construction site.

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And now, YIMBY’s obtained a closer look at the seven-story project, with new renderings.

Developed through Ron Moelis’s L+M development (also responsible for Northside Piers), the apartment building on North fifth Street will feature 164 rental units spread end 130,000 square feet that residential space, because that an mean unit size of a little under 800 square feet, through a 20 percent affordable set-aside.

149 Kent Avenue, rendering from GF55

Four retail spaces will certainly be located on the floor floor, follow to the Schedule A filing, totaling nearly 15,000 square feet.

Permits also show that the building will have enough room in the cellar and on floor floor come park 131 dare – an abnormally large amount given proximity to the L, when by our calculations only 82 are compelled by zoning.

149 Kent Avenue, rendering from GF55

The website sits directly throughout the street from the Edge, and will replace a windowless one-story industrial structure the spans the entire northern block face of North 5th Street, indigenous Wythe to Kent. L+M picked up the home in 2012 for just under $20 million, or roughly $140 every buildable square foot – a good $100 or so less than they might pay now for equivalent land, enabling them to move forward v rentals on a website that, if offered today, would certainly surely go to a condo builder.

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The façade was designed by Global architecture Strategies, v GF55 as the architect that record.

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149 Kent avenue Brooklyn GF55 Partners an international Design strategies L+M partner Williamsburg

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