filters are designed to last approximately 90 days, 3 times longer than fiberglass filters. If you have actually pets, kids, or allergy sufferers in your residence or business, change your filters an ext often to preserve superior indoor air quality and keep her energy costs low.

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All air filters are produced by in the USA making use of 100% American made components. Through purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you’re saving huge on a premium product.

14x25x1 pleated waiting filters space at least 20 times an ext efficient 보다 fiberglass filters. Filter frames room made that beverage board, which stays solid through humidity and also temperatures up to 200° F. Artificial media gives significantly greater particulate effectiveness than standard cotton media.


appears to be a high-quality filter in ~ a fraction of the cost, therefore I'm absolutely satisfied v these. Also noticed less buildup of dust top top hard-to-reach objects!
Love the filters and the value of buying in bulk. Just complaint is that among the filters obtained a little bit mangled somewhere in transit.
ns am a repeat customer ordered merv13 14x25 love them good quality priced right for bundle acquisition speedy delivery received in perfect condition absolutely recommend
i order them for the cost and convenience. Ns will start using castle Nov2021 thru following year 2022. Castle loo good!
The price the filter is therefore so .this is no my very first purchase I have actually not open up the box will certainly let you understand later
Perfect quality. Shipment was quick and the price are very reasonable.I will only order my filter from Thank you!
ns love your filters and the convenience of having them ceded by the dozen! They space a an excellent value and I might not see switching to an additional brand. Say thanks to You!
Filter structure is sturdier than Honeywell filter previously used at about half the price residence Depot charges for the tantamount MERV. Since my HVAC system has 4 filtered air returns the annual savings room significant.
Filters are working great, and also they acquired here in good condition and we acquired them quick. Us did not need to wait long.
What ns really hated was the checkout process. As soon as PayPal sent out me ago to, immediately included tax and also processed the bespeak without providing me a possibility for review. Filter look to be ok , however haven’t been in long enough to judge. That’s the problem with at an early stage reviews like this, if i wait, the review possibility will be gone. Ns won’t purchase again!!!
good filters. Right perfectly. Ordered, shipped, and arrived simply in time because that a/c season! (No compelled hot air for our heat.) Customer organization is peak notch.
The procedure was basic & I obtained my distribution in a timely manner. Thanks for your wonderful customer service.
I'm not sure if this smell ELIMINATOR is an alleged to get rid of really solid odors or ethereal orders. In the early morning, I can smell odor, yet not in the afternoon or evening. Probably I'm just not odor the smell after I've been in the home for a while. Meanwhile, I'm faithful the this filter is actually cleaning the air.
This is the 3rd time I've purchased furnace filters native Filter Buy. Great product at a great price. I'm therefore glad that I found them on-line a couple of years earlier as purchase filters in your ar is rather expensive. Filter Buy's organization was fast and accurate. Ns will proceed to use them.
an excellent value, filters at reasonable price delivered! Customer organization is fast and also excellent! ns goofed on one order and also the agency was an extremely generous and quickly fixed my mistake! absolutely keep buying filter here!
mine AC/Heater calls for a 14X25 filter but the filter structure will only accommodate a 13 1/2" wide filter. The installers put one in yet you can't uncover one that precise size anywhere. I looked the filter up and also saw filter buy had actually that size. Ns ordered a couple of replacements and they were delivered unbelievably quick (w/i 2 days) and also were the specific size i needed. Absolutely introduce them for quality filters and also fast delivery.
i will have to look at them in 3mos. To see just how they do. Ns have constantly used filtrete before. I am happy they room made ~ above USA.
Super basic to order. Come quickly. Bought because that the totality year and also have it collection to send me a years supply this time next year. Nice to not have to worry around it. Thanks for making points easy! Don’t recognize or understand much around fillers however they looked good and love they room made in the usa!!
Filters appear to it is in functioning properly; my device requires or is best suited because that a Merv 8 filter. Follow to some HVAC professionals and also articles that interest, a Merv also high deserve to choke airflow.
The filters are of the greatest quality and also the prices are reasonable. They came securely wrapped, I have the right to see and smell a difference in the air!
good Filters good Price! rapid delivery.Made in the USA.Perfect fit and Excellent Filtering.I highly Recommend this company.
Customer solutions is superb ! friend be talking to a live-person. Shipping is fast and also they gained what friend needs, best filters . Referred to all my friends.
had no problems finding the right size, ordering, paying, or receiving, take it a tiny longer than I expected however there was severe cold weather walking on for over a main so ns won’t complain around that.
Filters received as ordered within a couple of days. Ns was in reality in the industry for two inch filters however didn’t find them offered. Price is reasonable.
an initial time buyer. As soon as order come it was wrong size. Ns was upset, figuring ns would have to obtain an RMO and go what to return. Within a short time of my inquiry, I gained a response that i didn’t need to return the dorn size and also they would ship the correct size in a job or so. The new ones were ceded the following day. Can not beat that company
Filter room great. Taking care of was quick and also timely. FedEx was slow 2 days late from planned delivery date.
Bought these to usage after painter decided to spray all over (was called to roll the paint) and also I’m glad ns did! ns was shocked at what the filters caught and also I finished up having to change the metal grills because of the spray. These filters will now be my go to transparent my house. Went back and to buy a years supply for all the various other vents in my home, very recommend!!
no a whole lot come say just that I'm enjoyment you guys are hard to her Words Solid come the core
A direct replacement because that my hot air furnace. A much far better filter, because that a reduced price than any huge box store. Gift a less than typical size buying native a company like this only makes sense.
they have always done what they said they would do. I obtained my parcel of filters on time and also without problems.
My company man and my boy recommended them as one of the best filters. I have actually allergies and also need great filters and also these it seems ~ to to fill the bill.
my order, once it come was brief 2 filters. I had ordered 12 and 10 were sent. A rapid E-mail informed and in less than a week the 2 lacking items to be received. Very good and note service.
fast and totally free shipping. Affordable hospital grade hapa filters. I've ordered again for a an elderly neighbor.
easy to order. Great quality and construction. Customer company was really good with helping through an issue. Good pricing too!
ns accidentally ordered dorn custom size for 1 of my 3 HVAC filters. Ns accessed chat and also customer company resolved in ~ moments. Sent out me brand-new filter-correct size although ns ordered dorn size and asked that ns donate the wrong size filter. True class with great customer service.
Prompt business and an excellent products. Not the most interesting purchase of my life, however a whole lot simpler than do the efforts to find my odd sizes.
We room a residential treatment facility with several furnace/ac's come maintain. Having actually the filters ceded every 3 months allows us to save up v filter changes without having actually to store huge amounts the filters. The filter are constantly of the highest quality. I would certainly recommend Filter Buy because that anyone that wants to save the air us breathe clean.
Filter buy is by far the best firm to buy indigenous bar none! They operate with integrity, honor and also professionalism! The quality of the filter to be superb and shipping was exceptionally fast! I would certainly recommend them come anyone!
this filters room by far a better quality 보다 filters that ns have had in the past. Say thanks to you! I will certainly be to buy my filter from your agency from now on.
The dimensions to be perfect and also the customer business from to be outstanding.Our HVAC device is to run well and also I believe that the filter is make a big difference. Give thanks to you for a great experience.
this were easy to order. They arrived quickly and also were perfect packaged. Our AC maintenance team mounted them this week. Together we have only newly installed, I have the right to review the product's performance, although castle seemed great durable quality.
The instance of MERV 13 HVAC filters newly purchased from are an extremely good, shipment was prompt and pricing is competitive. Ns will proceed to use
castle all came at the very same time because I have 2 different sizes. Provide me a few weeks and also I can tell you exactly how they worked.
straightforward ordering, good customer service, and also products do in the US. I will never again purchase house Depot filters.
fast delivery, good quality, reasonable price, functions as advertised (verified by tests). What an ext could i ask for?
Customer company is the ideal I have ever experienced! I will definently stimulate from right here in the future. I would have offered 10 stars if I had the choice. Thanks for the positive experience.
i ordered my filter on-line and also the site was so easy to use. The filters fit my unit perfect and assist my unit operation efficiently.
observed a segment on the news ~ above TV whereby a institution was installing large MERV-13 air filters to help combat Covid-19. Discovered these very same filters in our size to fit our HVAC for our home and also bought them. Plus we have actually pets. They look to it is in of great quality.
quality filters in ~ an affordable price. Fast, easy shipping. Much easier and cheaper 보다 the huge box stores. Will certainly be a repeat customer!
come quickly and safely packaged. We'll view what they look choose in a month. So far, for this reason good. Pleasant acquisition experience.
excellent customer service. Rapid delivery. Quality filters. Made in America. Subscription savings. Perfect.
i don't have actually a testimonial yet first .Just mounted my fist one .Ease that ordeing Great.dilivery good
have not used them yet. But they are much better than the cheap filter in the furnace now. I am certain that as soon as I start to usage them, they will certainly be just fine.
received our filter quickly. It to be the correct size. When we have used them because that a few months, ok give one more review. The too quickly for me to carry out a review currently
these filters are well-made, simple to use, and are not as well expensive. I am an extremely happy through this purchase, and will end up being a “repeat customer.” ns am also spreading the word to my friends and also family. Say thanks to you for giving a top quality product at a reasonable price. The filters additionally arrived quickly....all around, fantastic purchase!
using the MERV13 filters throughout the pandemic in our shop is help to keep the Corona Virus from spreading in our sleeve spaces. We likewise have UV irradiate purifiers. These filters are top of the line!
an excellent product + packaging. Ordered and delivered within two days and the product was specifically as described.
castle seem come be an excellent quality and also I didn't have to go to a crowded huge box keep to obtain them during a pandemic.
This filter is, through observation, a slightly higher quality than the base filters I have used hence far. Time will certainly tell regarding how well they perform.
What a an excellent site. The prices to be great, I uncovered my dimension easily, and also they transport super quick. They even turned me top top a brand-new DIY podcast.
The filter are precisely what my heating system loves and the convenience, cost and also quality are what is attractive come me.
High high quality filters at a fraction of what you salary in the home development stores. Ordering to be so basic and my filter arrived within a week.
Arrived prior to they said they would gain here so it is good. Filter has actually only been in couple of days therefore I will certainly know an ext about how they execute in a couple of months.
The filter to be the ideal fit for the AC/Heater unit. The filters are well constructed for an OEM filter. One big problem was the shipping, it take it 10 days to obtain from the warehouse (Alabama) to my residence in Santa Clara, California. The shipping firm was FedEx.
The filters room of high quality, space competitively priced, and also shipped fast to her home. Why find the large box shop to discover the right filters for your HVAC system?
These to be the least expensive filters I could find, and they turned the end to it is in the ideal we've ever before used and they're American made! I will certainly stick with this firm as long as they're open. I love the subscription choice so we're never ever without filters.
Navigating the website is still an extremely easy ( I have ordered filters from below before)..the filters arrive quickly..and perform a superb job keeping dust and also pet dander out of the wait in the house!
great product and also shipped as expected. Very happy v the top quality of waiting in ours home. Set up with supervisor ease. The fit was tighter 보다 expected yet I’m attributing the to the unit not the filter. Therefore, dimensions were accurate.
The an initial order was sent to me in the dorn size. I sent out a pair of e-mails questioning for aid but there to be no reply. So, I had actually to contact them and also they instantly agreed to replace my order. I obtained the exactly order yesterday. Thank you for making it best the "second" time.
The ordering process was an extremely efficient and also they come in good time. My only comment to make it perfect would be to use a shipping crate that wasn't for this reason large, that more closely fit the size of the filters.
The filters were perfectly made come fit into my air air conditioning unit. Ns hadn’t to be able to fit the store bought filter in my unit. I will certainly be bespeak again.
Product ordered, shipped out immediately andreceived in perfect condition. What more can youask for?
this is terrific product and also i got my order within a couple of days. I will usage Filter purchase from today forward.
moving to a brand-new house required various filters than I had ordered before. I evaluate the options for sizes and also MERV ratings. Shipping is constantly timely. Did i mention totally free shipping? I choose the convenience of having filters delivered dirctor to my home. Customer company is excellent.
No difficulties with any part of this transaction. I received precisely what I had actually ordered. I was no unhappy with any type of aspect the the transaction. Ns ordered a dozen filters and listed they all perform as expected, I setup to reorder.
native the website I learned around the different MERV ratings which explained a trouble we were having at home. Running with MERV 11 filters has cleaned increase the waiting in the house and also catches much more dust to store the residence cleaner. As a diabetic in the virus dilemm I am trying to do all I and also we have the right to to prevent that problem. We simply picked up an additional tool to aid in the process.
i really think the on slide on to my heater is to tight. Your filter make it easier than the flimsy products however I think i still need a an ext solid product for the outside of the filter.
thank you! having actually COPD & Asthma I only wil to buy the best HVAC filters. My critical order acquired lost through FEDEX yet you guys came through and sent replacements the end super quick.
constantly provide good service! thank you so much for taking care of me! Will always use her services!
My 2nd purchase indigenous I made a wrong on mine order which was resolved conveniently by customer service. Excellent organization from this company. Package ceded within the time promise. Filters occupational well.
If I had actually bought Filtrete I'd have actually paid $40 for a load of four. For $50 I gained a load of six and they room the exact same air high quality rating! free S/H! Why wouldn't girlfriend buy native! and if friend aren't organized and also need a reminder once it's time to change-they'll execute that because that you
ns purchased AC filter from various other companies,These filters arrived once promised and also at the price quoted.I have actually a business where we change AC filter for assorted people and also companies,I will be ordering from this company because they will certainly make the filters I need for strange sizes.The company is quick and correct.Bob,Atlanta Ga.
What a an excellent concept! Subscribe! as soon as the filters come in, placed them in immediately and you won't ever before be left wondering when the last time you changed them!
i am really pleased v the price and also quality of these filters. Ns buy many things ~ above Amazon these days, however sometimes it provides sense to walk to a merchant that specialization in one type of item. is such a vendor.
an excellent quality and also exactly as advertised! It's so nice to be able to order filter online quite than walking to residence Depot.
The filters came well-protected in the box. I now have a cat, so with this order I moved up the level of filters. I think my home is relatively clean, however when i switch out filters, they tell me otherwise.
A great deal top top filters. They obtained here fast and they arrived in height shape. ( only trouble I had, and also it wasn't her fault, they were ceded to a high college two mile away.) I'll to buy again! say thanks to you.
the web site was easy to use and also the quality of the filter was really good. The price can not be beat.
i love not having to find for the right filters anymore and not having actually to usage washable filters now. This is faster, easier, and also keeps me from having actually to rise the pay because that the one who alters them out due to the fact that it's so fast now. Thanks for your good work! (Heard about you top top the Doc Thompson/Morning Blaze present for a lengthy time.)
bespeak was very easy and also everything I required was in stock. I occupational in a an elderly care facility so the autoship every 3 months method I don't have to worry around forgetting come order the filter I require when I require them.
I might only discover the size required in my brand-new condo in Canada on her site and also I had actually a tiny window of opportunity to have them yielded to a ar I was visiting in the us for only 2 days. The shipment arrived ideal on time while ns was there. Will certainly you you re welcome look at just how you can deliver to Canada? I've purchased her product for my Condo in Florida, but it now shows up I'll have to stock increase in the wintertime come take earlier with me for the summer. was very great to transaction with. I was steered to the appropriate product which resulted in me come cancel one order and also make another. In doing so, the order gained fouled up however the firm worked the all the end immediately and gave me extr consideration.
Filters space great. Processing time to acquire them shipped was a bit long. After the shopping to be quick.
ns am happy I discovered your site. Ns order 12 filters because that the year and they show up in ~ my door. I love to order with your company. Really easy and I receive precisely what ns was looking for!
The filter arrived prior to I knew it. I certainly will order castle again making use of this company. Thanks, ns really appreciate it.
I'm the guy that the advertising is talking to because that sure. It's no that an altering a filter is difficult, it's simply inconvenient.Who thinks about it? when I do, I'm no at the store. As soon as I'm in ~ the store, the doesn't obtain purchased. This program is the solution.My very first set of filters arrived together promised. I set up them that day. Done.Genius. Amazon of the air filter world...
I have actually two areas for filters in my residence . After a week v the new ones in, I can really call they room working. The filter fits well and seems fine made.
ns ordered mine filters, just to discover that they to be delighted wrong size. As soon as I called to report this, ns was happy to discover that my exactly filters would be shipped automatically at no price to me - no have to return the not correct filters. They could be donated to the charity of my choice. Unique done!!!
I received the pleated Air filter 14x25x1 Merv 13 very quickly.Happy through my purchase since this size filter is not obtainable everywhere
Seems like a fine made product, candid marketed. Time will certainly tell the top quality of their filters, yet right currently I'm very satisfied.
top quality product. It would be perfect if they might switch to a shipper that isn't UPS. I remained at house two work in a row to get my package. Top top both days, UPS slapped a shipment attempt an alert on mine door rather of ringing mine buzzer. They do this all the time in san Francisco, since they have much more packages on your trucks than they deserve to actually deliver.
I'm very happy with the quality of the filters and also see the the filter traps an ext dust and also particles 보다 filters I used to buy. The convenience of bespeak online and also auto ship provides it even better! delivered quickly to the door. More importantly to me, ns misordered my critical order and said to forget it and give them away at no fee to me. How can anything be far better than that?
Sorry, This isn't anything to write house about. OK! It to be well packaged, the filters are pretty an excellent quality. As much as Price, probably close come what you would pay
The filters room fine, however a couple of arrived partly crushed. I hope it doesn't influence the performance.
ns made a mistake and ordered the wrong dimension filters. The customer organization was impressive — as child as ns inquired around the mistake i made and also ordered the exactly size, i received notice that the brand-new subscription was processed and since I could not usage the filters, the company suggested ns donate them to goodwill — this is superb gesture and one the will keep me coming back for any kind of filter I need in the future!
I have 2 A/C systems at my house. One has actually a standard, basic to find filter size and also the various other one is one “impossible to find” size. After ~ hearing the ads that stated they bring hard to discover sizes, I determined to offer them a try. I am glad i did. Not only did I uncover the size I needed, however I was able to authorize up because that auto ship. Us live in a countryside area for this reason this was a genuine plus. The filters arrived super fast and also fit perfectly. Very recommend!
essential odd dimension charcoal filter I can not uncover anywhere other than here. Easy to order and also prompt shipping. Simple Peasy
i was happy to get the correct filters in a reasonable quantity of time. I likewise like the top quality of the filter because that the money.
I have actually an odd size filter and saw this ad on TV about I visited the website and found exactly how easy it to be to uncover my dimension filter in addition to custom make filters. Ns was yes, really surprised the the price. Price to be cheapest I have every seen.Having the alternative to save even an ext money by purchasing the amount ns need and also having the opportunity to be able to cancel or readjust the lot I get was a game changer to me. Distribution was as promised and now I carry out not have to worry around trying to discover my size filter locally and worrying if lock would have actually them when I necessary them, the was a video game changer for me.I would recommend to anyone and highly recommend they purchase an ext than one and you can adjust the amount and timing you get them v a basic click of the mouse!
I very first heard your ad on the glenn Beck show. My home uses 6 filters so instead of them regularly can get an extremely pricey. I chose to try your company with the 90 work filter reserved shipping. Really satisfied through the top quality of filters obtained on the an initial shipment. MarkSouth Carolina
filters arrived within 2-3 days. Love having actually the filters yielded automatically. Saves a few bucks and also saves a trip to the store
This is my second purchase native Ns was shopping for Filtrete and also decided to look because that alternatives. I'm glad i did! my $60 Filtrete purchase became a $46 purchase with totally free (and quick) shipping. Exact same filtration rating (Merv 11) , great product in ~ a far better price. Site is straightforward to use and also choices are many. Couldn't be happier ns took the moment to shop.
an excellent job....from the straightforward ordering process to the prompt shipment of my order......I signed up because that Auto Delivery....Now I have the security learning that ns will always have filters obtainable when I require them....
I have used Filter to buy on numerous occasions. Good selection that filters and merv options; basic order process; note delivery. Really pleased through Filter Buy.
The filter is sightly smaller than the 3M filter we have used. I had actually to ice cream the edge to remove air noise.
absolutely perfect. In fact, castle last longer than the save brand and also home depot brands. And also so much an ext economical. Have dogs with dual coats and also are always shedding, for this reason these space great! glad I found you1
Standard web store. Straightforward to know info and really competitive pricing. No method to measure effectiveness or integrity of filters outside of offered info. Exact same with any type of store selling non-name brand filters.
Filters arrived on time, look to be really well made, to be priced right, and fit perfectly. (better than previous significant brand) Happy ns don’t need to remember to order again in 3 months! Thanks!
great selection, great pricing, excellent organization with stylish delivery. Recommend to any type of homeowner or contractor.
quick shipping! It's pretty to have actually a it is provided on hand together needed, and for such a good price. Thanks!!
ns ordered several sizes and also quantities the 6,6 & 3. Unfortunately among the size they shipped to be 12 x 25 x 1 as soon as I had ordered 14 x 25 x 1. I contacted the customer service and they shipped the end the replacements immediately and also asked me to donate the the wrong ones come Goodwill, which ns did. Really satisfied.
lastly opened pkg ~ a month. Good product. I'll let you know exactly how it works. Favored the room for install date, assumed I to be the just one who cared.
I obtained the incorrect size.Upon mine email, i was told the a new order would be sent out with the correct size. I have not obtained the correct dimension filters as yet. What choices do ns have?
We've never planned ahead on air filters yet decided come look right into it. Currently we have a "filter instead of plan" and also was a good way to do it! us will certainly use them next year!
ns am a an initial time residence buyer and for the critical 5 years have actually been really inconsistent in an altering my HV/AC air filter. I would have my one month filter in there because that 4-6 months as result of forgetting around it. During that time mine Air-conditioner coils froze 4 times and I burned out the engine in my furnace. Filter buy will conserve me countless dollars by having actually the 3-month filters present up in ~ my home when they must be changed. Having the reminder and convenience that the filter showing up at my home is a God send. Ns am telling everyone i know about Thanks.
can not beat the price. Shipping to be pretty quick. Do need some an ext corner security in shipping box. Small bent yet not broken. Just put it in critical week so obtained to wait a month to view
I have actually used and also am pleased v the top quality of the filters, ease of ordering (they even email fashionable reminders for replacement) and the fast delivery of your product. Extremely recommended this service.
Love the ease of ordering and also fast arrival to mine home. Only complaint is the style of this filters appears a little cheap compared to the Honeywell brand due to the fact that there is more white cardboard involved which decreases several of the surface ar area the the filter.
The website was simple to use and also made finding the best filter a snap. Automatic delivery makes life easier as well.
the filter seems to be doing a great job for meAlso I have actually a concern am ns receiving this filter on a continual basis
i am an extremely satisfied with filter buy's customer service. Ns sent an email informing them that I had not obtained some of the filter ordered - they automatically put in an additional order to ship the filters and also I obtained them 2-3 days later. Great! has actually the ideal price and the fastest organization I have actually every knowledgeable on the web. Yes, buying furnace filters is no the most exciting thing to do, however if you are worn down of paying ridiculous prices for heater filters, then offer a chance to wow you. The filters were amazingly priced, and arrived perfectly to my home in not time at all. They will be our walk to for all our filter needs and also I will be informing friends and family the how good the experience was. Thank you, Mike indigenous Denver
After countless unsuccessful attempts to buy my heating system filters locally (even despite it's a common furnace), ns tried online just to find that the descriptions in many listings were so inexact that i couldn't bet the I'd obtain the ideal product. In situation you haven't currently discovered, what looks prefer the measure of the filter, e.g. 14x25x1, is really simply a suggestion. The real dimensions might be an extremely different leading to a an extremely unacceptable fit. gave me the yes, really dimensions and also an explanation that the MERV rating system. Our filter fit. We are dustless again. Thank you! i would absolutely buy indigenous them again.
trying to find an different to Filtrete, I uncovered these filters. For the price the four, ns purchased a six-pack of identical filters. Exact same quality, size. Ordering straight from the company was nice and also delivery fast
I discovered the option to order digital filters and have them yielded at a details interval so lot easier about reminding me to change my filters.
just reason i went 4 star is that ns haven't mounted a filter yet to discover how effective they will be. Thank you because that the speedy delivery.
I got them however have not used one yet. I am certain they will certainly work simply fine. I cannot gain a much better price almost everywhere else. I am glad I uncovered your website. Thanks, mary Burga

The 14x25x1 MERV 8 filter is our most popular rating, as it filters fine in many spaces.Traps and blocks 90% of air corpuscle in her space, consisting of pollen, dust mites, mold, and big particles favor pudding mix.Ideal for simple and typical homes and businesses.
•Pollen•Dust Mites•Mold•Larger dust particles, favor pudding mix•Standard residential / commercial use
The 14x25x1 MERV 11 filter blocks practically all bacteria from the air while keeping suitable air flow and minimizing mechanism backpressure.Traps and blocks 95% the air particles in your space, consisting of pet dander, lint, dust, pollen, debris, mold spores, smoke, and also smog.Ideal because that standard and also superior homes and also businesses.
•Pollen•Dust Mites•Mold•Auto Emissions / large Particles like Milled Flower•Superior Commercial and also Residential
The 14x25x1 MERV 13 filter is our best-of-breed filter, giving maximum filtration when elevating the power of her HVAC system.Traps and blocks 98% that air corpuscle in her space, consisting of pet dander, lint, dust, pollen, debris, mold spores, smoke, smog, and also bacteria–even particles that lug viruses.Ideal for superior homes and also businesses and also smoking lounges.
•Pollen•Dust Mites•Mold•All Bacteria•Proplet Nuceli (sneeze)•Smoking Lounges•Best that breed, hospital great filter
The 14x25x1 odor Eliminator filter removes scents smoke, pets, and also cooking come let clean air pass through.Traps and blocks 90% of air particles in your space, including pollen, dust mites, mold, and huge particles choose pudding mix.Ideal for an easy and conventional homes and also businesses.
•Pollen•Dust Mites•Mold•Larger dust particles, choose pudding mix•Standard residential / advertising use
Generally, we recommend you replace your air filter every 90 days. Discover out below if girlfriend should readjust your filters much more often.
Change your filter every 2-3 months, as having actually clean waiting is even an ext important with youngsters in her home.

I was extremely pleased with the customer service that i received. I had purchased the wrong size filter and also you males went over and beyond in stimulate to obtain me the appropriate ones. You’ve acquired a customer because that years come come.

Rigoberto M.

Awesome customer service, rapid delivery. I will use them whenever i need brand-new filters and also will recommend to mine friends!

Shirley O.

The price, delivery, and also quality were every excellent. I’m happy to no much longer buy from the large box stores! The recurring distribution will help me store my A/C clean.

Craig M.

They room fast and efficient, and also the filters they administer are optimal quality. Their customer organization is simple to reach. It simply does not get any better.

Gary S.

Very pleased with the product and also the stylish delivery. Saved money and also I don't have to search for my odd size filters anymore!

Robert M.

Very easy and convenient. even had filter sizes because that my heating system unit that ns couldn’t discover anywhere else. Prices are equivalent to what I’d pay because that the exact same filter at the store. With complimentary shipping at my own custom interval, this is really unbeatable. I extremely recommend for any kind of homeowner.

Jeremy B.

Convenient way to purchase. Yielded on time and good choices with an excellent prices. Certainly will purchase again. Highly recommend!

Pamela S.

I was incredibly pleased with the customer organization that ns received. I had actually purchased the wrong dimension filter and you men went above and beyond in order to gain me the ideal ones. You’ve acquired a customer because that years come come.

Rigoberto M.

Awesome customer service, quick delivery. I will usage them whenever ns need new filters and will introduce to mine friends!

Shirley O.

The price, delivery, and also quality were all excellent. I’m happy to no longer buy from the huge box stores! The recurring delivery will assist me store my A/C clean.

Craig M.

They room fast and also efficient, and the filter they carry out are optimal quality. Their customer company is basic to reach. It simply does not get any type of better.

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Gary S.

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simply measure the length and also width of her filter with a tape measure and also choose the closest dimension (to 1/8”) in the drop down menu. 1/8” yongin is standard and should not cause a trouble in any type of standard filter application.

Please note that the ‘actual’ filter size, in other words the dimension that her tape measure up shows, should be supplied when developing a filter v this tool, not a in the name filter size. Note that the depths of each filter are standard, as presented to the right.

simply measure the length and width of her filter through a tape measure and also choose the closest size (to 1/8”) in the drop under menu. Please keep in mind that the filter depth is standard.