Rich with wildlife, CREW Bird Rookery Swamp close to Naples gives up come 12 mile of hiking/biking in huge Cypress habitats ~ above tramways v a primordial swamp

CREW Bird Rookery Swamp provides a place for hikers to immerse themselves in the large Cypress Swamp without getting their feet wet.

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It is part of the huge Corkscrew local Ecosystem Watershed (CREW), more than 50,000 acre of hydrologic protection for Corkscrew Strand and also the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

Just at the trailhead expect abundant wildlife in the surrounding waterways, from ibis and wood storks to eco-friendly herons and also the common alligators.

Trailhead in ~ CREW Bird Rookery

Most tourists will it is in satisfied exploring the access trail to the loop, a 4.5-mile round-trip, i beg your pardon we explain here.

With 12 miles of trail to explore, the tramway system right into the swamp is open to both hikers and also cyclists, and also is a favourite for trace runners.

mileage chart because that the CREW Bird Rookery Trail

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Location: naples Length: 4.5 miles Trailhead: 26.312005,-81.633544 Address: 1295 Shady hole Boulevard, naples Fees: $3 argued donation Restroom: Portable toilet in ~ trailhead floor manager: CREW soil & Water trust Phone: 239-657-2253

Do not bring dogs come this trail. Young kids should be carefully watched. You are just inches above the swamp top top the tramway.

Alligators sun themselves top top the footpath. Keep at least 20 feet from any kind of you see.

CREW Bird Rookery Swamp

The trail might close whenever it is flooded. It will certainly be post at the trailhead if girlfriend can’t go any kind of farther 보다 the end of the boardwalk.

Vultures have actually caused damage to cars in ~ the trailhead by pecking at rubber goods.

CREW claims “hanging plastic to buy bags indigenous the height of your door frames or extending your auto with a tarp secured v bungee straps might deter them.”

While the basic swamp is protected as public floor by Southwest Florida Water monitoring District, volunteers from CREW soil & Water Trust preserve the trails.

They are always looking for new members and volunteer assistance from world who live in the region. Learn more here.


From interstate 75 departure 111, Immokalee Rd (CR 846), drive east for 11.4 miles. After ~ the curve, you pass the stoplight for Oil well Rd (CR 858). once you reach Shady hollow Blvd, turn left. Follow the road for 1.5 mile to the trailhead parking top top the right.

monitor the causeway east from the parking area in the direction of a boardwalk that leads come the tramway system. This very first portion the the trace (half mile round-trip) is accessible.

Both the causeway and boardwalk space accessible

Winding v young cypresses and also floodplain forest, the boardwalk offers an up-close see of summer blooms where butterflies rest. In fall, red maples sport crimson leaves.

As the boardwalk ends, pass two benches. The wooden walkway provides a difficult right and also deposits friend onto a grassy tramway.

Established much more than a century earlier for timber providers to remove ancient cypresses because that lumber, this tramway and the others linked to it sustained a small gauge railway system.

In the 1960s, surveyors offered the tramways to walk deep into the swamps to plot the end what would end up being the very first subdivisions in the big Cypress. Currently there room many.

All that those homes occupy areas that were as soon as seasonally under water. That’s why this trail sometimes closes in the wetter months together the rainfall has few other locations to go.

Beyond the boardwalk is one alligator slide, where alligators routinely cross native one deep pool of water to another. A bench is nearby.

Alligator occupying the tramway. Perform not approach within 20 feet.

On the tramway, the trail is a lengthy corridor of eco-friendly grass with the center of the swamp, where dense ferns consist of the understory under the cypress trees.

Passing a bench under a large cypress tree, note how the habitat move to floodplain forest, hefty with red maple.

Alligator flag constrain the depth water. Gigantic sword fern and also royal ferns develop their own little islands in the swamp.

About a mile in is an interpretive screen with rail ties from the logging days, between 1915 and also 1957.

The trail continues as a broad straightaway with the floodplain forest before it emerges to whereby the landscape opens up ~ above the right.

The sparkling waters are Saddlebrook Lake, edged by dwellings on the far shore. ~ above this shore, the marsh presses in much more closely come the trail.

There space a many damp clues underfoot together you come approximately the home boundary together the tramway is not far over water level.

At the fence, there is a bench and a authorize with GPS coordinates on a map to let you recognize where friend are.

The sign explains each foot of the trace system, offering mileages, so you can decide how far to walk – up to 12 miles because that the whole route.

The trail renders a spicy left and follows the fence east. Happen a “Service Road” sign to the left in ~ 1.5 miles.

“Road Closed” and “Service Road” signs appear with better frequency, mainly to discourage girlfriend from following unmarked, unmaintained logging spur off the main trail. All space dead ends.

Past one spur is a pond extended in water lettuce. Shortly after, the tramway broadens and is flanked by a pop-ash swamp and also a floodplain forest.

Pause because that a rest at a picnic table. A couple of minutes later on you concerned the junction for the large loop v the heart of the preserve.

At 2.3 miles, this junction is a Y wherein trains would have taken one next or the other. Marker 3 is at this junction.

This is your decision point. It is 7.5 miles around the loop, with no shortcuts. When you space on the loop you are committed come it.

You can opt come walk the all, walk out and ago on a portion of it, or turn about here, together we did, come return the way you pertained to the trailhead.

On the method back from mite 3 come the trailhead, notice how canals parallel the tramways many of the time. This is a swamp, so the dust you’re wade on had to come out of it.

Listen closely. In spite of the human being intrusion that tramways, wildlife is plopping, swimming, skittering, and also flapping everywhere.

On the return over there are plenty of signs through a parking symbol and also arrow to encourage civilization to go the correct way back to the trailhead.

The the contrary direction takes you deeper into the swamp, no a place where you want to spend the night. It’s house to the Florida panther, the Florida black color bear, and also thousands that alligators.

It might not feel like it top top this grassy ribbon of trail, yet Bird Rookery Swamp is a important wild place, slowly healing chin from the scars of logging that ended less 보다 60 year ago.

Returning come the edge of the fence line, pass an ext signs and also the open up waters the Saddleback Lake prior to the last long stretch the straightaway.

Reaching the boardwalk after ~ 4 miles. After crossing the boardwalk, to walk the short 0.2-mile loop to the right.

It gives a various perspective top top the swamp. It’s here we spotted baby alligators and colorful green and also tricolor herons.

The loop end by depositing girlfriend on the causeway that leads straight earlier to the parking area to complete a 4.5-mile hike.

Weaving in ~ a canopy knit by old-growth cypress tree in a majestic swamp forest, the boardwalk in ~ Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is just one of Florida’s best hikes

The much longer of two loops at Florida Panther NWR promises a wet walk v panther habitat the wet pine flatwoods and cypress domes

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