The arrowhead is pointing at our residential or commercial property from an aerial view. Together you deserve to see, everything roughly the home burned. Thankfully, the structures that did record fire on the residential property did not spread out come our office/shop. Us are past grateful because that all the made that through!


*Please execute not respond come our automated email messages as they tend to acquire lost in translation.*

*California residents* immediate - carry out not purchasehigh capacitybase pads as they room illegal. See penal password 32311 because that reference.

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*Due come the high volume that orders, calls, and also emails, our an answer time might be delayed. All emails will certainly be reply as quickly as possible, in ~ a first come an initial serve basis. If your speak to gets forwarded to our voicemail system, please leave a blog post with your call information so that we may attach with friend accordingly.*

If you"re inquiring around the status of your sleeve order, please know that us are always working diligently to acquire all retail orders the end promptly.

Our sleeve orders might take almost everywhere from 3-10 organization days to delivery out.Additionally, orders placedFriday-Monday or during the time of a sale may experience additional delays. *

For the condition of a firearm bespeak please testimonial the present lead times provided in the product description for your purchased gunsmith work. Her ETA begins once we get your firearm at our location. If her order is previous the preferably ETA date, please keep in mind that ours gunsmith work has been pushed ago a minimum of six weeks due to delays v our merchants from the consequences of COVID-19.

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Please feel cost-free to contact us for additional details.

Phone - 9AM-4:30PM PST




Shipping deal with For mail (Excluding Firearms)

Taran Tactical Innovations, LLC

98 W Cochran St Unit C

Simi Valley, CA 93065

Shipping deal with for Firearms/Gunsmith work

Taran Tactical Innovations, LLC

1250 Tierra Rejada Rd

Simi Valley, CA 93065

***Please keep in mind that our location is no a sleeve storefront. The selection on the residential or commercial property is not easily accessible for rent. Thank you for your understanding and also cooperation.***