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About GameStop

GameStop is a household of specialty retail brands that renders the most famous technologies affordable and simple. We space a an international retailer the multichannel video game, pop society collectibles, consumer electronics and also wireless services, operating more than 7,200 shop in 14 countries across Europe, Canada, Australia and also the united States.

GameStop is committed to delivering invention to consumer anywhere, anytime and also any method they want it. Even if it is looking for new or pre-owned, digital or physical video clip game titles, the latest in video game hardware or equipment or customer electronics, gaming and an innovation enthusiasts are invited come discover and also enjoy their favorite products in one of GameStop"s welcoming retail environments.

Our buy-sell-trade regime provides comprehensive value to client looking to trade-in video clip game hardware and also software, or smartphones and also tablets castle no much longer use or play. Yearly GameStop provides much more than $1 exchange rate in profession credits, with much more than 70 percent that these trade dollars being applied toward the purchase of new products.

The company"s an international family of video game associated brands include GameStop; EB Games, an international electronics retailer; Micromania, France"s leading video clip game retailer; and also Game Informer® magazine, the world"s top print and digital video game publication.

Our an innovation Brands segment has Spring Mobile, the No. 1 largest authorized dealer of at & t wireless services; Cricket Wireless, an authorized dealer of pre-paid at & t services; and also Simply Mac, the largest certified retailer of Apple’s full line the products.

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GameStop newly completed the acquisition of Geeknet, Inc., the parent company of ThinkGeek. Through this acquisition, we are expanding into a growing $20 billion global category as the premier global retailer that attributes exclusive and also unique collectible products.