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Friday, September 24, 2021

LabCorp Patient business Center LabCorp-10174


Additional Information: This ar is reported as performing traditional clinical activities collections, including;, Pediatric, work-related Urine Drug screens Collections*, Hair*, Radar (Point of collection Tests)*, Saliva Alcohol*, H. Pylori Breath Test

LabCorp Patient company Center paternity activities is situated in the beautiful city that AUGUSTA, GA. This paternity trial and error facility deserve to be found at 1219 WEST WHEELER PKWY SUITE D AUGUSTA GA 30909.If girlfriend have any type of suggestions to do or comments about the quality of organization you have received indigenous this paternity check location, or concerning the information listed here, please include it to the comment section. It will certainly be automatically made available to rather viewing this page.

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LabCorp Patient organization Center 1219 WEST WHEELER PKWY SUITE D AUGUSTA GA 30909
AUGUSTA – laboratory Blood collection Site 3540 WHEELER RD., STE. 116-A AUGUSTA GA
Quest Diagnostics – Augusta 1109 Medical facility Drive Suite 2A, Augusta, GA 30909

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If you are a parent or son questioning her paternity, the American Paternity Association supplies the complying with services:– free DNA Paternity testing Services (contact us for much more information).– post boards or forums provided to share and learn from real experiences.– list of American Paternity association participating paternity testing company providers.Items girlfriend should carry to the paternity check lab appointment:Birth certificate. If a birth certificate is no available, girlfriend could lug an insurance card v the child’s name on it.Drivers patent or ID. A photo ID will be requested. In some situations the lab might take photographs at the moment of the appointment.Available time.

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Make certain to contact the lab and also find out as soon as they will certainly be obtainable for collecting specimens for a paternity test.View Other usual Laboratory Tests:Allergy testing | CBC (Complete Blood Count) test | comprehensive Metabolic panel | Coronary risk profile | Diabetes | STD testing |

Comments about This Paternity testing Location:
Donald Spivey:

The court has requested that I gain a DNA Paternity check completed as soon as possible. Ns have dubbed the number and also left information with no call back as of yet. Would someone please contact me come schedule and also appointment.Donald Spivey 865-368-1408′


Doctors in the AUGUSTA, GA Area that May have the ability to Assist You v Your Paternity testing Questions:

FRANCES MARIE VEGA M.D.1120 15TH ST AUGUSTA, GA Phone: (787)509-9903Specialty: PEDIATRIC UTI and also LEAD POISONINGACADEMY that WOMEN’S and CHILDREN’S HEALTH, llc 2803 WRIGHTSBORO RD SUITE 45 AUGUSTA, GA Phone: (706)736-2737Specialty: OB-GYN
ANNIE l PARKS MSW1 FREEDOM means AUGUSTA, GA Phone: (706)733-0188Specialty: social WORKERSADIE C MAGUIRE ms LPC448 TELFAIR STREET AUGUSTA, GA Phone: (706)722-7788Specialty: PSYCHOLOGY

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