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get vaccinated because that COVID-19 today. Schedule your vaccine front of time so friend can get out faster.

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countless places come make your life easier

Odds room that a medication refill is no the only thing on her to-do list. Perhaps you’re conference a friend for lunch, or you should shop because that clothes. Perhaps it’s a cup that coffee you after, or you space trying to obtain a project interview somewhere near. To prepare, you likewise need a brand-new pair of shoes.

our pharmacy is smack dab in the middle of an amazing spot in the city that combines Midtown and Korea Town. Nearby, you’ll discover hotels, banks, Starbucks and other coffee shops, restaurants, shoe shops, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s and much more. In fact, Madison Square Garden is appropriate up the street, as is the realm State building in the other direction.

The bottom line: us aim to make acquiring your medicine easy. Friend shouldn’t need to go out of your way to gain one the life’s necessities. Also, once you require an immunization, remember that our pharmacy offers immunizations.

What you can uncover in Target

our pharmacy is in Target. That method if you need over-the-counter medications in addition to her prescription, you must have many options, even if it is it is something for a cough or to help a sick kid that friend seek. Even though the Target is in the middle of Manhattan, that offers lot of what a suburban Target might. Thus, you deserve to enjoy a robust selection of cosmetics, groceries, housewares and clothes. The grocery part is akin come a true grocery save with great prices, for this reason you deserve to actually execute your grocery store shopping while obtaining your prescription.

since of the Manhattan location, you have the right to shop for funny souvenirs here and even use self-checkout. If you simply need a snack and also a party of water together with your prescription, grabbing the is simple too.

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Visit us at our ar in Target

We want to make life much easier for our client by situating pharmacies in practically locations. If girlfriend need help finding Target or have questions around the solutions our pharmacy offers, give us a call at 212-216-0070 .

Flu shots are readily available at the stayinfiji.com Pharmacy in ~ 112 W 34th St, Btwn. 6th and 7th Ave new York, NY 10120. Schedule your flu shot ahead of time so you can acquire in and out faster. Administer your insurance money information and also answer concerns online front of time.

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