This page offers details ~ above United claims Consulate, located at 1075 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2M6, Canada.

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Place Name United states Consulate
Average Rating 3.4
Place Address 1075 W Pender StVancouverBC V6E 2M6Canada
Vicinity 1075 West Pender Street, Vancouver
Phone Number (604) 685-4311
International Phone +1 604-685-4311
Place Type embassy, point_of_interest, establishment
Opening Hours Monday: 8:30 to be – 12:00 PMTuesday: 8:30 to be – 12:00 PMWednesday: 8:30 to be – 12:00 PMThursday: 8:30 am – 12:00 PMFriday: 8:30 to be – 12:00 PMSaturday: ClosedSunday: closeup of the door

Location Information

Full Address 1075 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6E 2M6, Canada
Street Number 1075
Route West Pender Street (W Pender St)
Neighborhood central
Locality Vancouver
Administrative Area Level 2 greater Vancouver
Administrative Area Level 1 british Columbia (BC)
Country Canada (CA)
Postal Code V6E 2M6
Type embassy, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 49.287487
Longitude 49.287487
Geo Location (49.287487, -123.1196456)


★★★★★ Nan ZHENG

us went there for ask a visa for my mother, since she can"t speak English, we assumed that I deserve to accompany she for the interpretation, yet we were to be told the there is no require for that cause all their officer can speak Chinese! ns was nerves as soon as I am waiting for her, however when she came out with huge smile top top her challenge I taken that all were act good. She told me that every officer space so friendly and also patient and also they speak Chinese really well, the process was an extremely fast and also clear. She hasn"t spend an ext than 15 mins! for this reason happy! say thanks to you!


★☆☆☆☆ Patrick Barsy

I have actually 2 time share in Carlsbad Ca. I am command to obtain a notary indigenous the United states consulate in Vancouver to authorize the deed transfer. I live on Vancouver Island in a city called Campbell river and could not get there easily, I called the general number and listened several times, it claimed I could get a notary right here to sign and send it to the resolve 1095 w pender street v6e 2m6 Vancouver attn. Notary div. Also though the web site says 1075 West Pender Street Vancouver, british Columbia V6E 2M6 and the mailing/ courier deal with isUnited says Consulate basic – Vancouver #107 – 280 Nelson Street Vancouver, BC V6B 2E2which I complied with it specifically to the letter. And also my express write-up returned saying relocated or unknown.I i do not know seem to acquire a number to speak to a person in the Vancouver embassy or email and the net site brings me in one to never gain in call to the notary div. I now have 1 time re-superstructure cancelled because of the long time wasted come just get a signature. Ns am loosing so much time and also money ~ above this an easy task.


★★★★☆ Gurpreet singh

I have actually visited U.S Consulate. It was pretty great experience because that me, The employee was friendly. Overall, good experience.


★★★★☆ Alex Passini

I"ve been to multiple us Embassies about the world and I was really impressed with the level of company here. If there room multiple line-ups, they are organized, well significant and comfortable chairs consisting of some vending machines. The brand-new phone lockers are likewise convenient.


★★★★★ Aqeel Sachwani

The staff was really helpful and also efficient. It took an hour for united state to complete the whole process.They execute provide tiny lockers to store your cabinet phones and also Car tricks which is yes, really convenient as these things are not permitted in the embassy.

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place NameAddressPhoneRating
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